Our spirit guides are exactly what they sound like – spirits that guide us through our journey here on Earth.

Most are loved ones or soulmates, some are interested souls and permanent guides, and some take the form of a spirit animal.

One of the spirit animal guides you can have is the owl, a creature associated with wisdom, mystery and the night.

Owl Spirit Guide Imbues Wisdom

Owls have long symbolised wisdom across many cultures, so it should be no surprise that owl spirit guides can imbue that wisdom onto you.

You might tend to listen a lot more than you speak. Not speaking up might cause others to think of you as shy or lacking anything to say, but that isn’t the case.

The wisdom of your owl spirit animal informs you that we have two ears and one mouth because we should listen twice as much as we speak.

Night Vision & Owl Spirit Guide

Increased night vision is associated with those who have an owl spirit guide.

It’s not like you can suddenly see perfectly in the pitch dark, but more that you are more perceptive than others – especially at night.

People with owl spirit guides are usually “night people”, preferring to stay up to the early hours and sleeping into the afternoon.

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Taking on the owl-like behaviour also extends to wanting to be in nature at night, and enjoying quiet and solitude.

Some people with owl spirit guides are seen as loners, usually because they prefer being alone despite having plenty of friends.

Owls See Through Deception

Owls also commonly symbolise the ability to see through lies and deceit.

Peeling back the masks that people put on comes more easily with the power of the owl spirit animal.

If you have an owl spirit guide, you are probably the kind of person that finds it easy to spot when someone is hiding something.

Of course, the wisdom that comes with it might keep you from blurting out when someone is lying, but it is still a massive turn-off for you to catch someone telling a fib.

Owls Savour The Mystery Of The Night

You are probably also the kind of person that loves a mystery, the creepier and more unexplainable the better.

Delving into the darkness of the unknown is second nature to you.

Mystery fascinates you and pulls you in, begging you to solve it or give it your best shot.

It should be no surprise that people with owl spirit guides love a book of puzzles or a crossword, but equally, they are drawn to murder mystery novels and even things like politics.

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However, politics might not be the best area for them.

All of that deception around, all of those masks to peel back – it might seem tempting, but they would tire pretty quickly.

An owl can only catch so many mice before it has had its fill.