What Makes Up The Multiple Dimensions Of Our Reality?

Your material body is present within the 3rd dimension, so it is always matter based. The 4th dimension is the astral plane and it happens to be emotion based. These two dimensions make up the lower creation world. In these two dimensions is where the play of separation takes place. The illusion of good and evil can only be maintained within these dimensions, and you’re able to feel separate from spirit and from one another. We certainly have become really good at doing that. We have played a very successful game of separation however it’s time it came to an end. For our planet to ascend it’s beneficial we understand each of the dimensions, right now our planet is in the dividing line with the 5th dimension.

The 5th Through To 9th Dimension Is Our Mid Creation Realmmultiple dimensions 1

The 5th dimension is our light body realm where you see yourself as the master and multi dimensional being. Within the 5th dimension you are entirely spiritually focused. Many of us have come from this plane to become lightworkers.


The 6th dimension is where dna patterns and templates are held for all the species, including us. Also the place where light languages are stored, they are mostly made up of color, is the dimension where consciousness creates through thought and one of the places where you work during sleep. It can be very difficult because you are not in your body unless you decide to create one.

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The 7th dimension of pure creativity, pure light, pure tone, pure geometry and pure expression. Basically the plane of infinite refinement.

The 8th dimension is of the super soul and where you would touch base with the greater part of who you are. You lose the sense of “I”, within this dimension you will have trouble keeping your consciousness together because you are just pure “we” part of a super soul.

The 9th dimension is the collective consciousness of planets, star systems, galaxies and dimensions. Like the 8th dimension it’s very difficult to get the sense of “I”, because you are so vast that everything is you, you could be the consciousness of a galaxy, every star and every life form. Very difficult to remain conscious in this dimension.

The 10th Through To 12th Dimension, The Upper Realmsmultiple dimensions 2

The 10th dimension would be the source of Rays. This is when Light is differentiated and is the source of plans of creation which are sent to lower dimensions. You could possibly have a sense of “I” in this dimension but not the way you are used to in the lower dimensions.


Dimension number eleven is a place of creation before light, a place of magnificent splendor, like the moment before child birth or even a simple sneeze. We are all in one Source system of endless systems in existence. So this number eleven dimension is a description for only this Source system that we as humans inhabit at present. In truth of this any other system has a different description for their number eleven dimension.multiple dimensions 3

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There is one point where all consciousness is one being, an Omni present place of all knowing, this is the Twelfth dimension. Here everything is connected in pure knowingness; there is no separation of any kind here. As you blend your consciousness with the twelfth dimension you are connected to “All that is”, you are directly in touch with the creator life force energy. This feeling of absolute oneness and unity with “All that is”, will give you a feeling you can never shake, it will change you and your perceptions of everything forever, as you will never know separation again.

Spirit really does create the illusion of separateness till the 7th dimension. At higher frequencies, distinctions have no meaning, as everything is super soul.


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