Now and then, we meet many people from our past lives, but due to our limited knowledge of spirituality, we are unable to recognise them.

One of the recognised signs of past life connection is déjà vu. It is easy to know when you have a prior life connection with someone – all you need to do is to look for these signs:

The sense of Immediate Connection:

When someone feels comfortable immediately, and you don’t find it hard to share things with them even if it’s your first meeting, then there’s a chance that your soul has recognised a past life connection.

The connection could also be negative; you might start to feel envy for no reason. This happens because you didn’t have a perfect relationship with the person in the past life.

Their Eyes Seem Familiar:

If you have a love relationship with someone in the past life, you can quickly detect their eyes and the feelings in them.

Even when the body of the person changes life after life, the eyes remain same. You recognize the eyes because you have a deep connection with them in the previous life.

Time Flies By:

Time seems to fly by when you are with someone from your past life. You could talk for hours on any topic without getting bored.

Strange Telepathic Connection:

You might have a strange telepathic connection with the souls that you have met previously in different lives.

You could quickly tell what they feel even when they don’t say a word about it. Souls that had lived together in the past lives have a more profound connection. Their connection is on a subconscious level.

Intense Relation in Short Time:

When you have an extraordinary connection with someone, even when you have met them for hours or a few days back then there is a probability that you both were together in the past life.

There’s a chance that you two were in love in the previous life. It is because your soul has recognised them and didn’t need any introduction.

You Feel Connected when Apart:

You have a deep connection and feel the presence of that person when you are apart. Even when you two are miles away, you couldn’t stop thinking about the meeting you had.

Somehow, you feel quite strange about it, but you don’t know why you keep thinking about the same person without having any particular cause.

You Know Them!

Deep inside you know that this person is familiar to you; you got a feeling that you have met them but you don’t know where. Whenever you see them, you get an unknown feeling that you know them and feel connected.

You couldn’t exactly recall the place where you have met them because it is not necessary that you were reincarnated at the same location on earth previously as well. The feeling of meeting them before is so high that you are unable to reject that thought.

When this happens, you need to trust your instincts and make sure you focus on the person more so you could remember your past life as well.

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