Past Life Connections – Knowing some one from past life

Past Life Connections – Signs of knowing some one from past life

Ever had the sense of deja vu when you were in some place ?, like the feeling you have been in this place before and experienced particular moments and all the emotions with it come back ? sometimes we have past life connections with places because your soul is recalling moments, being in that place triggers all the feelings and memory to come back.

You are seeing a similarity with something that has happened before in a past life. Having confidence in your psychic ability can help you with moments in which you can remember aspects of your past lives.


If you are confident and in touch with your psychic ability then you can sense many past life connections with many people you have known. Sometimes it is your past life communicating with you. You are not the only one who may have lived multiple lives. Your loved ones and close relationships also lived multiple lives. They are often your soul mates and they have travel in the same circle. The strong connection to your past life can also be triggered when you have found your twin flame.

Many past life connections with someone

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We return many times over and over to learn our lessons

We can have past life connections with someone, in many situations we have met some one new but form a immediate deep connection with them, and we can even anticipate what they are going to say next… its like they have been in our life forever. It is possible that our level of comfort and feeling we form with this person is from our past life connections, its as though history is catching up with us.

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According to Michelle Knight who is a well known Psychic, we are with souls which we have the deepest connection and whom we have chose to learn and understand with, they are the ones who teach us the most profound lessons. And the lessons may not be easy even when you have known each other in a past life don’t mean it will be all love and happy endings.

Some times one or both of us fail to learn the lesson or learn to to forgive on a soul level. This is our karma and we will keep coming back, we are like students coming back to retake an exam, until we can get it right and pass. I believe there are many signs we should look for in our relationships that we may have a deep past life connection with someone.


1. You are being challenged in many ways either positively or negatively, this is a sign that there is an important soul connection here (soulmates)

2. You felt amazing deep connection which seems out of this world, and you can not believe how this person was not in your life. This is familiarity of souls recognizing each other.

3. You light up and often synchronize with them straight away, this is a good indicator that you have met this soul before, even multiple times.


Your past life relationship connections

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Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.

Have you found the one in your life who you understand so much that you know what they are going to say, if you have then there is a chance then the both of you traveled many lives together. Souls that have shared many lives together tend to have a very deep connection than souls who are interacting for the first time. If you feel your connection is on a subconscious level then its most likely you have been together before.

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Past life connections can be profound and deep connection, you yearn for the one person who can make you complete. You yearn for the other half of your soul, your twin flame… although soulmates give and teach us many lessons, the preparation is only for the uniting of souls with your twin flame, like two halves becoming whole again.



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