[lmt-post-modified-info]Have you ever had the sense of deja vu when you were in someplace? You could feel that you have been in this place before, past life connections are often felt in our soul, like a wake-up call.

There is a sudden rush of emotion that comes along with it too.

Your soul feels connected to places, events, and even people you meet throughout your life.

Our soul incarnates many times in the human form to experience the life we are living now. As a soul incarnate, you have visited places and met others many times.pastlife2 e1589028539536

In our life, we have people we love, and there are some we dislike. Some new people come into our lives, and we form an instant connection with them.

You are not the only puzzle in this past life encounter. Everyone you know is experiencing it too. Your partner, family, friends, and others have played a role in your previous life.

Your soul chose an avatar, and we meet the same souls over again, its a constant cycle.

Some people in your life have stronger memories of their past life. They could say something to you about their past life, which also connects you to it.

One of the strongest encounters you will face in your life is connecting with your twin flame. The meeting will give you the biggest rush of emotion and even rock your life to the core.

They bring out many past life memories, as they have played a significant role.

Why Past Life Connections Are Important Lessons

We can have a past life connection with someone and form an instant connection with them, it’s magical. We can predict what they are going to say next. It’s like they have been in our life forever.Past life connection with someone

The level of comfort and feeling we have for this person can’t be explained, you are lovingly placed in their soul and they are placed in yours – cosmically intertwined. I have experienced this connection many times, and my view is that we are catching up, and our soul senses a connection from another lifetime.

Here is something I want to share with you from a well known Psychic Medium Michele Knight.

She says:

We are with souls that we have the deepest connection and whom we have chosen to learn and understand with.

They are the people who teach us the most profound lessons. The lessons may not be easy, and won’t be all love and happy endings.

Sometimes one or both of us fail to learn the lesson or learn to forgive on a soul level. This is our karma, and we will keep coming back. We are like students coming back to retake an exam.

Michelle’s insight sums up why we experience past life connections.

Knowing Someone From a Past Life – The Signs

Fierce Rivalry

Is there someone in your life who challenges you? Do you always compete with them?

It could mean they are someone from your past life. You always had a rivalry with them.


When you met someone for the first time, you felt a deep sense of connection with them. This is a familiarity of souls recognizing each other.


Another sign is if you synchronize with them straight away, a good indicator of meeting them in a past life.

Get along Well

You both get along well and don’t seem to argue. Both of you have sorted out everything before incarnating.


This person brings things to your attention when you struggle to see the bigger picture. They are teaching you important life lessons.Past Life Soulmate Connection


You both have been through a lot, and you trust them without question. They are someone on the same page as you.

Positive Emotions

They have a positive influence on you, they always seem to lift you up when you are down. You help them as well when it’s needed.

Twin Flame

If you are lucky enough to meet them, you already know both of you have shared a past life together. It’s even possible you have shared many lives together.

Have you met someone from your past life, are there any signs you would like to share with us?

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