I have met this person somewhere before! I don’t know where, but I know I have! This face is so familiar, where I have seen him? That person reminds me of someone who was close to me, but why? I just feel a strong connection with you; I don’t know why.

These are some of the sentences that might have occurred to you when you have met anyone from your past life relationships. Even though you don’t believe in reincarnation, but you know you are connected to that individual from your past life.

All past life relationships are not very good, the same as you have in this life. Not every relationship lasts long, and you know that. Some past life relationships were in your life to give you a lesson too. Overall, whether right or wrong, here are six signs that you have met someone from your past life:

  1. A Strong Sense of Connection:

When you first see them, you feel a profound sense of connection. You just know that you both are associated somehow. Their first look hits you like a current. It seems like your body has moved from left to right.

  1. Undeniable Attraction:

It is not something like a physical attraction that swings from one person to another. It is a strong attraction that makes you think about your encounter all the time. You know you feel highly attractive, but you are not sure why. It can even make you stay up at night and think why you feel this way.

  1. Knowing Without Knowing

Things start to become more confusing when you know everything about the person even without knowing them in your current life. The more you know them, the more you feel worried. It doesn’t seem possible to you, but at the back of your head, you see that they are from your past life. You just know everything about them.

  1. They Know You As Well

It’s not only you who know everything about them, but it’s them also who know all about you. They understand you even without you saying a word. Your expressions turn out to be more pronounced for them. They know the meaning of your every silence, and they could also tell when you talk a lot. It is equally confusing for you both if you don’t trust your intuition and believe in reincarnation.

  1. You Feel Home:

You feel comfortable, safe and home. You don’t feel judged. You can easily look into that person’s eyes.  There’s no space between you and everything with that person seems so real and meaningful. You can simply be yourself in front of them.

  1. Instant Relationship:

As their souls also recognise your soul, you don’t have to put so much effort into initiating the relationship. When you talk with them, time seems to fly by. You just connected unconsciously.

Whenever you go through these six signs with any relationship, you should know that they are from your past life. Above all these signs trust your intuitions; if your mind says that they are from the past, you should believe.

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