Past Lives: 8 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

If you are knowledgeable on the subject of reincarnation, then you know there is a possibility you may have lived many past lives. We don’t always recognize the many past lives signs, listed below are 8 reincarnation signs you can easily identify.

1. Sixth Sense is the key!!

The first past lives sign is Sixth sense also called Foresightedness or the way we perceive things that are far away from the intellectual mind. People who are reincarnated have a strong sixth sense and they perceive things before they happen. It could be an event that is going to take place like foreseeing tragic and joyful events.[wp_ad_camp_4]


2.Dreams or Illusion Are from our past lives

If one is having recurring dreams (that includes nightmares too!!) about anything or anyplace,it may be an indicator that your dreams have some real connections with your past life, place or the life that you have lived. Dreams are the outcome of the things that are stored in our subconscious mind that can be related to the present or past life.

3. Is that really Deja Vu?

Must have happened with all of us!! Deja Vu is a feeling that somewhere down the line you have lived or experienced that moment before in your life and you feel strong connection with that feeling. It could be anything- a person, a place, a building, a sound… Its seems so familiar that sometimes we are unable to distinguish the real existence of that feeling.past lives signs

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4. Maturity is something to look for

Sometimes in our lives we encountered people who have a unique personality, the calmness, the way they perceive things, take decisions , their behavior etc are unlike others in their age group. That is because their soul is an old soul and had many experiences embedded into it and gets added to each reincarnated life.

5. Affectionate towards others

Incarnated souls have strong connections with other souls in the present life as they can feel the joy, sorrow of the souls more deeply, they have gone through different emotions through multiple phases of their lives before. They have empathy towards others, understanding their hardship, concerns and other emotions very well.

6. You are “Gifted”

You visits your friend’s place and find his young child having artistic qualities that you have never seen in a child of his age group before. You find it quite amazing at the same time confused as how can a little child be doing something so amazing at this age. The truth lies in the fact that the soul keeps on adding the things it has learned in each and every life, so a soul which has taken its place for the first time on earth and the one who has lived many lives would be more educative. Being gifted and talented is a past lives sign.

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7. Aversion or Phobias

It might have happened with you that you have a strong disconnect or dislike with some people or place. Disconnect can also relate to different types of phobias. That feeling of disconnect is related to the past live experiences you have had. Those discomforting experiences are sometimes carried over in the next lives.


8. Precognition and Post cognition

Precognition is the a type of foresightedness in which the subconscious mind can perceive the future events that are going to take place in the near future and in case of post cognition the soul can have knowledge about the past events that has already taken place. These are the souls of the people that we sometimes encounters in our life that tells you about your future as well as your past.

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Which of these past lives signs have you noticed? Maybe you have certain phobias and can’t explain why you have it. Or you love being in a place, and you feel the joy, a happy moment. We all have past life recognition’s, my past life experience is I fear being in a plane, often I dream being the pilot when the plane crashed… Which signs are you recognizing?


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