If you want to know the real divinity of a twin flame reunion, then the truth is that this connection is sporadic.

Only reserved for souls who have a purpose in this union or they are in true alignment with the God within them, and only attained through raising his or her frequency to a higher consciousness.

Don’t think for a moment this can be an everyday encounter. It is only attained when both souls have evolved and have integrated their shadows and navigated their spirits to a state of unconditional love.

The god self’s flame is split into, the masculine and feminine, Ying and yang, it is how the universe works.

In the beginning, both were conceived from the same white light; some would refer to this as the fire of I AM presence God/Source.

Thus forming a signature which is exclusive, which is never embraced with another being in existence.

The sole purpose of the divine masculine and feminine is to incarnate on earth for spiritual expansion and then to reunite back into wholeness as a single soul. When Twin flames have matured their consciousness from the illusion of Maya, they can shift towards oneness.

This may take many lifetimes before twin flames have attained a state of higher consciousness.

When twin flames are destined to unite together, the purpose is for spiritual work.

The purpose of a mission together, this birthing releases an extraordinary amount of unconditional love energy. Helping the planet is paramount in the role of twin flames.

More twin flames are commencing to reunite to help the planet earth move forward into higher states of consciousness.

You may have known that there are many stages in a twin flame union

The First stage is recognition and Spiritual Awakening

This stage is about triggering the soul mission and help each other reach higher consciousness.

The second stage is the test.

This is the testing phase and may cause old relationship concepts to rise to the surface to be cleared.

The third is the Crisis stage

This stage is about communicating and resolving issues, maturing and healing of both mental and emotional bodies.

The fourth stage is the twin flame runner dynamic

This stage is to propel each other for self-healing, especially when the above steps have failed. This stage requires spiritual connection towards the inner God for healing.

This fifth stage is to surrender

It’s time to trust in the universe and release all ego, surrender and develop a deeper connection with your inner God.

Stage six is “To Shine”

Now that you have a connection with yourself on a deeper level, its time to release or glow outward using your inner divine love to uplift humanity.

The final stage is to harmonise

In this stage, you have to fulfil your mission as twin flames.

Meeting our twin flame, we have faced the hardship of messy, inconsistent love, loss of love, crazy love or even lack of love. The only true love is unconditional love.

We have carried a wealth of spiritual knowledge amassed through all the mental gifts that have come with all the relationships.

You know by now that as you spiritually mature, and step into a new place to explore profound unconditional love, you will also feel a new place to discover your human physicality.

It is the relationship with our self that should be the foundation of all future relationships.

Relationships are known to be our mirrors for improvement, when you are aware of this, it may empower you to be the best version of yourself, but before you can do this, you have to know yourself first. Until then, you have to keep loving yourself and trust the universe everything will align with time.

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