The physical signs of being a witch are often underplayed in favor of mental and metaphysical signs.

Some people even claim that there are no physical signs at all.

That idea comes from the fact that witches do not all look the same. In fact, they can be any gender, culture, ethnicity, height, size, and shape that you can think.

But do not mistake the diversity of the witching community as there are some physical signs of a witch.

There are common witch physical traits that are caused by the remnants of past lives in ancestral DNA.

6 Physical Signs Of Being A Witch

These signs are common amongst natural witches and can indicate that you were born with the talent within you.

You do not need to show all of these characteristics, but if you have at least two of them, then there is a good chance you are indeed a natural witch.

1. Captivating Eyes

Witches are old souls, having reincarnated for centuries. The eyes often show this, being a window to the soul.

For this reason, they tend to have “old soul eyes.” These give them a permanent air of wisdom and deep intuition, as well as being captivating to anyone who locks eyes.

If people often mistakenly think you are lost in thought, it could be because of this.

On the other hand, some have beautiful, often sparkling, more penetrating eyes that give them an otherworldly appearance.

They appear intelligent and intense, drawing you in and bringing you under their thrall.

It is more common today because most witches born in this era are Indigo and Crystal Children, having come here from distant star systems with the purpose of healing humanity.

2. Moles & Birthmarks

There have been many myths centered around the marking carried by witches that would give them away, but most are a myth by religious witch hunters in the Middle Ages.

According to them, the biggest sign was an extra nipple – which they said would be used for the suckling of familiars.

This was complete nonsense, of course, borne from ignorance and leading to the misidentification of many as witches.

Some birthmarks and moles appear on witches, but they are reminting of past lives of the witch rather than serving any purpose.

Often it is the remnants of torture and execution that appear as birthmarks, though they could also be remnants of initiation or other rituals.

In my case, I have a muscle knot at the back of my neck, leftover from hanging and a coffee-colored birthmark on my thy from burning.

Other common birthmarks include ancient sigils, religious iconography and symbols of nature.

3. Palm Symbols

Palm reading has been used to tell a person’s future for thousands of years, and over that time, it has become apparent that witches often have physical markings on their palms.

Being healers, witches often have “the healer sign” on their palms.

This is where you have three or more vertical lines on your palm, directly beneath the pinky finger.

Clairvoyance, which witches have in abundance, is often indicated by the marking of a cross on the index finger, as does a circular birthmark on the bottom of your palm.

They often have a smaller circle on their upper palm, just below the index and middle fingers.

This indicates strong powers of intuition, one of the many characteristics of a witch.

4. Tattoos

Having tattoos that hold deep symbolic meaning can indicate a witch.

Not everybody who has a tattoo has the talent, but there are few witches that don’t at least get the urge to ink their bodies.

The reason for this is in the origin of tattooing.

Humans have been marking symbols on their skin in this way for thousands of years, originally as a way to manifest the powers of gods and spirits.

Witches have long used tattoos as a way of cementing their magical power.

Witches who get tattoos today are following a tradition followed by their kind for thousands of years, and in doing so, unlock the power of their ancestors.

5. Disarray

While not strictly a physical characteristic, a witch can often be seen in a state of disarray.

This can be clumsiness, daydreaming, forgetfulness – all the traits you would expect from someone who is constantly living between two drastically different worlds.

The reason we have listed this as a witch physical characteristic is that it often extends to their hair and clothes.

With so much more going on than meets the eye of the onlooker, it should be expected that a witch might neglect to appear prim and proper.

That being said, not all witches follow this pattern and many do take pride in their appearance – though it is unlikely to be their primary concern.

6. Knobbly Knees

One of the physical signs of being a witch that often persists from a past life is knobbly knees, where the bones and ligaments are a bit misshapen.

This is sometimes referred to as “prayer knees”, as they look to be caused by kneeling and praying constantly.

This can be a sign of past religious or spiritual lives.

Witches are known to incarnate into lives where they are able to explore the metaphysical, and historically, this was easiest within an organised religion.

While today it is rare for this to happen, knobbly knees are one of the physical remnants of this tendency.

Do You Have The Physical Signs Of Being A Witch?

Having read about the signs, did you find yourself nodding to most or all of them?

Do you think you might be a witch based on the physical characteristics listed above?

Then you may well have the witching ways within you.

But you should not take these purely physical signs as total confirmation just yet.

There are also mental and metaphysical signs of being a witch that are far more telling of your true nature.

A good place to start is to check the characteristics of Crystal, Indigo and Rainbow Children, as many a witch today incarnates as one of those.

Beyond that, you should do extra research and seek out a community to help you discover your past and present self.