Pick a Galaxy To Find Your Soul


1. Plush

You have a soft soul, one that while fragile is lovable and too cute for words. You are a bashful person who likes to avoid conflict and is rather sensitive so it can be hard to not burst into tears when confronted. You might not have the best self esteem but others love how adorable and caring you are.

2. Underwater

You’re empathetic nature runs deep, even when the surface of others glitter with sunlight: you see the murky water that stirs below. You feel all the waves from the riptides to coral reefs. You’re a sensitive person and have a sharp intuition when it comes to others, this empathy is both a gift and curse.

3. Outer Space

The stars shine brightest at night. Your focus travels into the depths of life and with this comes beautiful wisdom. . . but this doesn’t mean the truth is pleasant all the time and often the deeper one goes the darker it becomes. You are often seen as a dark individual and this can make you misunderstood at times.

4. Fireworks

Your soul bursts with excitement and color. This is the spirit of a passionate individual. You have the enthusiasm of a child experiencing life for the first time. You cannot help but explode with happiness and love when things go right. Friends probably think of you as hyper and playful.

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