The pine tree is one of the most recognisable trees in the world.

The Pine Tree is one of the most widely used tree symbolism the world over. The pine tree is about as culturally significant as a tree can get.

The symbolism of the pine tree is extensive, but the common themes are strong and applicable to our daily lives.

So strap in as we go through the symbolic meanings of the pine tree.

Evergreen Through Tough Times

The pine tree is an evergreen – or coniferous tree – meaning that it does not lose its leaves in winter.

The pine has needles rather than leaves.

The symbolism of evergreen trees is one of perseverance and the pine tree in particular stresses toughness through flexibility.

The way the pine tree holds itself together through the coldest, windiest and most life-hostile months in the northern hemisphere provides powerful symbolism for withstanding adversity.

Even as you watch your peers “shed their leaves for the winter”, you must keep going.

Health & Healing

The sap of the pine tree has been used for thousands of years to treat all sorts of illnesses and ailments.

Healing with Pine was particularly helpful to some Native American tribes, who popularised the pine’s sap as a medicine among the colonialists that arrived on the continent.

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Pine sap, according to Native American traditional medicine, can also help to bring wisdom and patience to someone lacking either or both.

It can also serve as a source of protection against negative energy.

The medicinal use of the palm tree is not limited just to the sap, however.

Many tribes continue to use the bark, needles and nuts of the pine tree as a part of their traditional medicine.

Eternal Life & Immortality

The symbolism of the pine tree includes a lot of references and relations to eternal life and immortality, through both traditional and religious links.

First, Christianity has adopted the pine tree for the Christmas season.

According to traditional theology, the evergreen nature of the pine tree represents eternity and endless love.

But the Christians are far from alone in this interpretation of the pine tree.

Pine trees are planted frequently in cemeteries and graveyards. Not only is this because wild pines naturally grow along fencerows.

It is also due to people knowing that they can count on the Pine to protect lost loved ones due to their steadfastness.

The reason for this is that pine trees tend to symbolise life going on – even when surrounded by death.

The pinecone itself also has symbolic ties to the idea of eternity.

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The spiralling shape of the pine cone adheres to the Golden Ratio, a number that shows up all over nature and wherever there is growing life.

In fact, in Ancient Chinese traditions, pinecones would often be consumed as a means of increasing longevity.

Some philosophers at the time thought they could achieve immortality in this way.

While they didn’t eat the Pinecones, the symbolism persists, and for many people, all over the world, the pine tree represents eternity and – to some – the pursuit of eternal life.

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