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These Are The Pineal Gland Activation Symptoms

The pineal gland is a hidden treasure that lies in proximity to the hypothalamus and controls vital functions of the body and soul.

It is also known as the third eye and is regarded by spiritualists as a tool for attaining a higher self, a collective conscious that links us to the whole, and a pathway to the Akashic records.


Once activated, it opens our eyes to the true visage of reality. The pineal gland regulates our intelligence, psychic tendencies, clairsentience, mental resilience, higher self, spiritual knowledge, energy, and much more.

It is a landmine of information and higher understanding.

Some of the pineal gland activation symptoms are as below.

A well-developed intuition

The powers of your intuition will significantly enhance. Before, you received a weak signal from your gut. You were unable to interpret it, and instead of guiding you towards your destiny, it led you astray.


But know that your third eye is opening; your body is co-coordinating with your soul in a much better way. You can now anticipate fear and presage the future with surprising precision.

You start to believe in your wild hunches.

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Your mental capacities expand

You mental horizons broaden. You now have an exceptional ability to concentrate. Everything that obscured your mind has been dispersed.

You’re clear about what you want and how you feel. Your emotions and beliefs no longer entrap you in a dilemma.

You become a psychic medium

You become a psychic medium, and start to realise that you always had this ability to communicate with spirits, and listen to their voices and forms.

These clandestine powers of clairsentience have finally manifested themselves and have made you capable of things that you could only dream of in the past.

You reach a higher level of perception, and everything that blurred your senses no longer exists. Now, you can see beyond the façade of materialism.

You know what you have to do in life to fulfil your destiny. That’s why you no longer feel the need to pursue meaningless careers.

During the opening of the pineal gland, you might feel a strong urge to quit your job and switch careers.


You sense and perceive things on a deeper level

Everything feels more alive, even the air around you. You can feel it touching you, caressing you or even communicating with you.

As you’re adding more frequencies to your spirit during the activation of your pineal gland, you can now synchronise with more forces of nature.

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You start to identify everything as energy. You see energy swirling around you and making the whole universe tick. This develops a collective consciousness within you.

It gives you the ability to communicate with everyone and everything. It gifts you an unparalleled mental insight.

Change in eating habits

One of the pineal gland activation symptoms is the change in eating patterns. You are more wary of what you eat now.

As you understand that everything is made up of energy packets, you become overly conscious of what goes inside of you. You only want to consume food that is good for your body and mind.

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  1. I’ve definitely changed my diet I don’t drink coffee anymore I’m enjoying myself in the park especially that the sun’s been out all week in the middle of winter bless

  2. I’ve had Clairvoyance for years, seeing events before they happened. I have recalled many past lives. With practice, leaving my body has become very easy for me. It was sometime in 2016 that my clairsentience awoke and I began communicating with higher dimensional beings from different worlds. That was when I found out that I was a Pleiadian, Sirian hybrid. Since then, my life has never been the same.


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