Although the seven primary chakras all have distinct colours that represent their energy in your aura, some chakra colours might originate from more than one chakra, and some chakras can emit different wavelengths and frequencies depending on their strength.

The pink chakra colour is associated with the Heart, Third Eye and Crown chakras.

So seeing pink either in the aura or glowing around a chakra energy centre can have different meanings depending on context. Let’s run through the more common ones.

The Pink Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is more commonly associated with green colours and wavelengths, but in some circumstances, it can emit pink wavelengths.

These are usually soft shades – think pastel or baby pink.Pink Chakra Meaning

There are a few reasons your Heart chakra might be pink rather than green. The most common one is falling in love.

Some spiritual teachers claim that this type of energy is a mix of the Crown and Root chakras, representing the physical and metaphysical need for love. However, others say that it is actually an awakening of the divine feminine driven by the spiritual energy of love.

We can tell if the pink chakra colour originates from the Heart chakra if it seems to extend into the aura from the chest or upper torso.

Deep Pink Third Eye Chakra

Again, while the Third Eye chakra is more commonly associated with deep purples and deep blues, deep pinks also appear from the sixth energy centre.

As the Third Eye deals with perception and intuition, direct experiences like communicating with souls can activate the energy.

The deep pink colour is most likely to appear when this communication is with a lost loved one, or about a living loved one.

It can also appear at times when we are teaching younger members of our family about the world and life.

Imparting wisdom is an incredibly selfless act, as well as an act of love. This is the most likely reason for deep pinks to extend from your Third Eye chakra.

Light & Bright Pink Crown Chakra

A theme is starting to appear, as you might have noticed. Pinks tend to come from the higher chakras when love is involved.

The Crown chakra deals with a particular type of love.

Most of the time it is concerned with the highest spiritual pursuits, such as seeking oneness with light and the universe, deep meditation and transitions to higher levels of consciousness.

But the Crown chakra also deals with unconditional, universal love. The type of love that encompasses all creation, from the smallest insects to the vastness of the Sun and everything in between.

When we feel that universal love, perhaps during meditation or after communing with soul guides, our Crown chakra can glow a bright, almost violet pink.

So that is what the pink chakra colour can mean depending on the chakra it comes from. Most people will of had an experience with the pink chakra colour that isn’t covered here. Love is so varied and comes in many shades.

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