One can call them many things, from energy orbs to ghost orbs to spirit orbs to just orbs. They have been captured in photos, videos and by people just like you and me.

We’ve even seen them floating across a room. As they come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes; people don’t use the word orb to describe the form anymore but instead use it to describe the spectacle people experience.

They come in a multitude of colours ranging from black (yes, black), to white and the colours which come in-between like, white, silver, pink, red, orange, yellow, gold, green, blue, purple and brown.

They can also have auras around them; a pink orb may have a red aura. Maybe people believe these orbs are entities, not just tricks of the camera, and their different colours represent their intentions and personalities.

They say that there is a certain energy that vibrates about everything in the universe and as colours are produced from the different frequencies of vibration of light, each different colour could represent a different emotion or mood.

Some people even go as far as to say that these orbs are beings from the spiritual realm, as your spiritual guides, while others believe them to be the real forms of the souls of people.

Though many people think these orbs caught on camera could be just dust particles seen through a particular frequency of light, but as stated before, these orbs have also been observed by people without the aid of a camera.

Pink Orb meaning

Since we are to talk about the pink orb meaning, a lot of people consider it to be either a guardian or a guide. The meaning runs the gamut from love, affection, to compassion and openness.

So, don’t be alarmed if you see a pink orb floating about your room or in your photo or video, it is mainly just radiating kind and good feelings and just going about its own business.

Others believe that these orbs are the colours of the aura of the deceased.  If you see a pink orb, it might be a deceased relative attracted towards your spirit and sending love and affection towards you.

The pink orb meaning or any other colour meaning is not scientifically proven, but these meanings and associations are what is generally accepted by the spiritual community.

A specific colour orb could also come in many shapes which in turn also have their meanings. If a pink orb is small, it could have only a low frequency of energy.

Large pink orbs are thought to have a massive amount of energy associated with them. If you think of the orb related to a spirit, the size of the orb could mean how spiritually evolved that person was.

Other times the size is related to the intensity of emotion the orb possesses.

Bottom-line, orb colours are interpreted by spiritual experts in many different ways. Each perspective has its logic and reasoning. To truly understand their meaning, you must listen to your intuition, and find your own meaning.