Pleiadian Meditation For Peace On Gaia

The Pleiadian starseeds are higher dimensional beings who are from the stellar systems surrounding the pleiades stars in the constellation of Taurus. Pleiadians are very much concerned about Earth and its future.

In fact they are very concerned that they have contacted certain people to channel them and express their message. Most of these messages are channeled in the form of meditation, or known as pleiadian meditation.


Among The ones who have connection with the pleiadians are the Native Americans. They are fifth dimensional beings, a dimension where everything is love and creativity.

What the pleiadians have agreed on is that they want to help Earth and help humanity ascend to higher dimensions. So these channeled pleiadian meditation messages are helpful to bringing peace on earth.

Pleiadian Meditationpleiadian meditation

This is a pleiadian meditation message by SolaraAnRa. This meditation helps to ease your worries (low vibration) back to higher vibration (love). It allows you to get your creative desires going again, and of course to be centered and balanced again. Also very helpful for the starseeds on earth with missions to complete.

Here are some steps to prepare you for meditation:

1. Don’t drink coffee or eat a full meal before meditation. Coffee makes you restless and a full meal makes you drowsy.

2. Before you begin acknowledge and accept that there will always be noises and distraction. So no point getting annoyed by them.

3. Sit in a comfortable position; you don’t have to sit on the floor cross legged. Sitting on a chair is fine.

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4. After sitting down, relax your body and release all tension. Do this for several minutes.

5. Don’t fight your thoughts or forcefully ignore them, this will only make them stronger. Instead a relaxed detached attitude works better.

We know that the pleiadians are higher dimension beings and are much higher on the spiritual ascension than humanity. These channeled pleaidian meditaion messages can be helpful. Any meditation is very helpful on the spiritual path. I hope this meditation is very enlightening for you. Laugh and Live in Pure love.


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