[lmt-post-modified-info]Could you be a Pleiadian Starseed? These characteristics can help you discover if you are a reincarnated being with a special soul mission of peace and enlightenment on Earth.

Pleiadian Starseeds – Who Are They?

The Pleiadian Starseeds are those intelligent beings among us whose souls originated from the Pleiadian star system, visible in the night sky as the constellation of the Seven Sisters.

They first arrived here at the birth of life on Earth and provided the “genetic blueprint” for intelligent life on the planet.

Over many, many generations they have existed among us, helping to guide various civilizations towards more enlightened states of being.

They began with the Ancient forgotten civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria, but have been present in every major civilization ever since.

They are not really “aliens” in the sense that they are definitely human. A Starseed simply has a soul origin away from Earth. As such, they have some telling characteristics and a soul mission that they can fulfill.

Most do not unlock the knowledge of their true origin in every lifetime because they are subject to the same pressures as everybody else. Most people don’t fully explore their spirituality and therefore, cannot ever discover their true soul nature.

But those that do gain access to great wisdom and personal power. This only comes with a true understanding of the origin of your inner being and higher self.

What Do Pleiadian Starseeds Look Like?

Pleiadian Starseeds can come in all shapes and sizes depending on their human heritage, but they do tend to have certain physical characteristics in common.

They tend to appear Scandinavian, with blue eyes and blonde hair. They are often tall and elegant in posture.

You might notice that they have slightly larger eyes than most people. In fact, they often have more prominent features in general and have a somewhat “distinctive” look about them.

All that being said, the physical characteristics can be very subtle and are not always there. No matter what you look like, you could still be a Pleiadian Starseed if the personal characteristics fit.

After all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

Pleiadian Starseed Characteristics

The following characteristics are common to all Pleiadian Starseeds. Does this sound like you?

Peace Loving

They are peace-loving individuals who thrive in calm times. They always seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict and like to concentrate on the positive aspects of people and events.


They are incredibly sensitive beings and take things to heart very easily. Saying the wrong thing around them can send them into a cycle of sadness, but will rarely bring them to anger as that is not how they tend to react.


They can have trouble expressing themselves due to their selflessness. Because they concentrate mostly on the feelings of others, they often lack the tools to tackle their own problems and deal with their own emotions.

When they are upset, they tend to lock themselves away so as not to upset anybody else.


As mentioned, they are almost never selfish. Their true mission involves the elevating of humanity, so their entire being is centered around the needs of others.

This can lead to some problems, but when surrounded with like-minded people, they can help their community thrive, bringing happiness to themselves.


Their strong spiritual power allows them to access higher intuition. Although often intelligent, they tend not to rely too heavily on logic and prefer to utilize the power of instinct to judge situations more accurately.

This is a particular gift of all Starseeds, but it is strongest amongst the Pleiadians.

Good Communicators

Despite their tendency to be introverted, many are excellent communicators. This is due to their emotional intelligence and intuitive nature, meaning that the art of the spoken word comes easily to them.

Not only are they good speakers, but they are also excellent listeners.

Emotional Intelligence

Because they are so sensitive to emotion, they are often described as Empaths. They can understand the emotional state of others quite easily and are driven to be mindful of it.

This helps them to be peacemakers, resolving conflict with understanding and respect.

Higher Purpose

Like all Starseeds, they have a sense of a higher purpose from a very young age. They know deep within that they are here for a reason and are driven to find that reason.

Those that don’t discover their true soul mission can find themselves deeply unhappy as they find mundane life deeply unfulfilling.

Like Escapism

Pleiadians are so intense that they often engage in escapism to give themselves a break. If channeled well, this can lead to highly creative individuals and many fulfilling adventures and explorations.

If channeled poorly, this can lead to addiction and other bad habits of escape from reality.

Feminine Power

Pleiadians often exert feminine power, though this does not require them to be female. Feminine power is about cooperation, empathy, and social awareness, working with people to make the world a better place and showing respect even for those who they disagree with.

They also tend to be beautiful, though in a characteristically unique way.

Connection With Nature

They have a strong connection with the natural world. Nature is so entwined in the spiritual energy that surrounds and fills us that many highly spiritual beings are drawn to the natural world to fill their energy needs.

This means that a walk in the park can be the most energizing thing in the world to a Pleiadian.

Pleiadian Starseed Mission

The mission of the Pleiadian Starseeds is to help elevate humanity to the next level of enlightenment.

At the moment, we are only partially awakened to the true nature of the universe. We are one step ahead of the rest of the animal kingdom, blessed with the needed intelligence to start comprehending the oneness of all things.

But numerous changes need to occur before this next phase of our history can come to fruition. This is where the Starseeds come in.

Starseeds are uniquely placed to heal humanity. By spreading enlightenment, healing practices, and guidance, they elevate humanity towards a higher dimension of consciousness.

That’s the overarching mission, but what about the individuals?

Each individual Starseed has his or her own part to play in the greater mission, depending entirely on their own circumstances and talents.

Luckily, they tend to find the right path by intuition. Accessing this intuition is often achieved through meditation, though some are gifted through epiphany.

Many become gurus and guides for others who wish to follow a more enlightened path. They help, each in their own small way, to expand the power of peace and love through their various societies and communities.

It’s a long process – so far it has been going for many thousands of years! – but with so many people connecting at a faster pace these days, the mission is beginning to reach its final stages.

There is still some way to go, of course. It is more important than ever that those with this special soul mission can discover it and pursue their true path.

Pleiadian Starseed Twin Flame

It’s a sad fact that most people do not unite with their Twin Flame in each lifetime. It only happens to those who are ready for it.

You can only be ready if you are spiritually evolved enough to fully grasp the importance of this special relationship.

Pleiadian Starseeds, however, almost always meet their Twin Flames.

This happens because they are innately high vibration beings who are more able to connect with their higher self than the average person.

This makes the process of finding their Twin Flame a lot easier as they can use the Twin Flame connection to locate and recognize them.

Although anyone can do this, not everybody can do it so easily.

It is a good thing that Pleiadians have this power, too. Their mission is so essential to humanity, and when they work as partners towards the goals of this mission, it is much easier to achieve.

Starseed Twin Flames often have much less tumultuous relationships, especially Pleiadians. This is because they are more empathic and less tethered to the neuroses of physical beings.

They are not immune, though! They should not be complacent and should still strive to pay proper attention to their relationship and the obstacles that they will find in their path.

Together, Twin Flame Starseeds will pursue their shared soul mission together over the course of many lifetimes, as they reincarnate together over and over again.

Therefore, they find that their need (that they have had since childhood) to follow a higher purpose is open for them to fulfill.

In doing so, they will find their true happiness, peace, and balance. Eventually, once their mission is complete, we will all experience the same for our own lives.

Do you have any of these pleiadian starseed characteristics?