Pleiadians originated on the planet Erra which is located around the star Taygeta. Their dimensional perspectives exist from 3D to 9D. They look exactly like humans, but in reality, they are extra-terrestrial individuals.

Their body shape is perfect with symmetrical features reflecting luminosity. In the galactic council, they sit high; their skills are highly developed.

Pleiadian DNA has been utilised to cultivate many human beings in this universe as they were evolved millions of years ago. Peace and sharing are the basic needs of this race. They have extraordinary healing powers at different levels.

Their sensitive communication and light transfer alleviate pain and lead towards betterment. Over the course of many years, they have played their part in infusing their healing methods into earthly medicine.

Qualities of Pleiadian are intuition, radiance, communication, empathy, imagination, healing, and sensitivity. On Earth, Pleiadians provided the genetic model for the early humans. They nurtured life on Atlantis and Lemuria; other than human forms, they also helped in the development of other life forms including dolphins and whales.

Traits of Pleiadian Star Seeds:

Since Lemuria, millions of Pleiadian Star Seeds have incarnated on our planet. All these souls have the purpose of telling the humanity about Source consciousness and its association with the people. There are so many qualities present in Pleiadian Star Seeds, some of these are:

Natural Healer:

Healing is the main quality of Pleiadian Star Seeds, and they can do it even unconsciously. They have the power to nurture the souls of others.

High Intuition:

Their intuitive abilities are very high. Their perception of things is better than others, and they can easily understand what and why anything is happening.

Best at Communication:

Quality communication is the most profound trait of any Pleiadian Star Seed. This ability makes them a healer as well. They are good listeners and listen to what others say. When they are around, people often feel happiness and joy.

Feminine Strength:

They are known for their beautiful almond shaped eyes. They have the physical beauty and incarnate mostly as female. They radiate deep feminine mystique that they could even overpower some men on the planet.

Nature Lover:

Pleiadian Star Seeds are fond of nature and its creation. They can easily connect to nature. Animals like to be around them. They easily calm and can tame a variety of animals.

Smart and Sincere:

They are intelligent and easily understand complex things. They always take in lots of knowledge naturally. In a relationship, these star seeds are profoundly loving and totally sincere and expect the same from their partners. Instead of a sweet lie, they would prefer to hear a heartbreaking truth. They are strong enough as well to bear emotional shocks.


Pleiadian Star Seeds select different professions and occupations in our world. Mostly they are associated with the field of communication, ecology, spirituality, psychology, child care, and of course healing. Other than doing their jobs, you would mostly find them volunteering for the better cause of the world.

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