Pleiadians And The Reptilians Agenda

This video talks about the global agenda set for humanity by the people behind the scene. This shows you how two alien races Pleiadians and Reptillians are involved on this agenda. Many aspects of this conspiracy theory is covered in this video.

It seems Pleiadians and Reptoids are experts of deception. Here is the truth Nasa and the Governments is keeping from us…


One of the most advanced ET races monitoring Earth are Egyptian/African type in appearance, the hieroglyphics you see on the pyramids shows it. Also Mars is full of Egyptian type artifacts and to some extent pyramid like structures.

Evidently the Tall Whites and white conehead extraterrestrials deal with the Reptillian races and they go about their endeavors conquering and taking anything of value. The reptillians are regarded as being very intelligent and very aggressive in character, the Tall Whites or the pale skinned blue eyed Nordics are also very intelligent, however they seem to be very negative and show an attitude of being superior in character and their way of doing things is to always serve them selfs.pleiadians and repitillians

Earth was very peaceful until they arrived in our solar system and war arrived with it. The african type race had to defend themselves, but these ET’s had atomic weapon technology, so obviously the inhabitants of Earth had to surrender. It’s very similar to when the pilgrims conquered and destroyed the Native American Indian population and culture, but on a much bigger scale. Since then there has been an open and hidden foothold on the dark skinned race (African/Egyption) and they are simply made to look like a backwards grass eating race, but in the bigger picture it’s the exact opposite.

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However it’s not about race. In fact the very first Kings and Queens of Earth were people of color and the Tall whites and reptoids planned to have the planet to themselves. In my opinion the race issue is merely another hostile weapon put to use for supremacy and separation.

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The intelligent reptoids realized they could use the caucasoid race as host, since their bodies are simpler to invade mainly because there was not much melanin, which is certainly abundant in skin of color. This explains just why caucasians are abducted more than any other race on the planet, yet they are the minority, Adolf Hitler was a prime example of a host. Even Though the road looks rough, the day of peace and kindness for everyone seems very close.


Some people seem to believe there are many species of white/pale skinned ET’s who are fighting against the evil Reptillian and the Tall White. It doesn’t matter if you want to believe this or not, makes little difference now.



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