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Pluto in Scorpio Generation Explained

Pluto in Scorpio Generation: Scorpio is traditionally associated with heavy forces of emotional and creative change. Scorpio forces are like the bottom end of stagnation turning into living energy again.

Then consider the aspects of darkness and mystery of Pluto in Scorpio. Couple that with the recent understanding of Pluto as not being a planet at all and you get a whole, compact quandary of questions.


What does Pluto in Scorpio generation mean?

Addressing the question of what does the Pluto in Scorpio Generation mean anyway: Do we really understand it at all? Astrological readings are full of diverging logic, so some cannot accept the potential validity. However, it is obvious that planetary bodies do have physical effects on other planetary bodies.

The actual generation of Pluto in Scorpio is also known as the “y generation.” They came after generation x, created by the very misfits of time and space as we know it. The entire concept of Pluto in Scorpio is actually quite gruesome and not as spiritually pleasant as some might have you believe.

This age represents the collapse of an economic and social structure under a ruling of tyrannical control and martial law based on insinuations of fear-inducing profoundly incorrect societal shifts which will result in suffering for generations to come. Though this generation can endure the entirety of the truth, they cannot implement solutions as effectively as successive generations and therefore must act in greater roles of support than typically warranted.

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This generation is now in the age range of 21-32. Many have faced powerful adversity and demonstrate issues with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and many other common anxiety issues. Pluto does offer one representation of death unto renewal, so those with this Plutonian influence in Scorpio are especially prone to death and dismemberment.

There can also be dark obsessions with sexual behaviors generally regarded as inappropriate. An attraction to the clandestine is a mark of the generation and the permeation of the energy from Pluto in Scorpio.


Many sorcerers emerge from this generation, as they possess the proclivity to work with elemental manipulation. This leads to practices of dark magic, generally, as one must completely understand the dark side to even begin to see a light. So curiosity of this generation is perhaps highly practical and warranted. This all relates to contradictions and the power which can be generated by opposites.pluto in scorpio generation

Scorpio has strong sexual and creative energy but is simultaneously destructive and prone to stagnation. Pluto has an influence of awakening hidden teachings froze in deeply buried comes undiscovered. The evolution of the Pluto in Scorpio generation is to uncover the connections. It is the responsibility of successive generations to actually manifest the wisdom. This generation can only act as a womb of manifestation before design, not after.

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There is an idea withstanding that this generation will be the pivotal generation to affect global and conscious shifts to a pervasive degree. Actually, the influence of the generation is to fuel the fire off consecutive generations. This is what generation x wanted to help foster and it did a rather good job. This is part of the reason such energies and manifestations thereof are being openly discussed.


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