The Polarian starseeds are an elusive group of beings that rarely come out into the open. Polarians have many traits and abilities that set them apart from others, and they have a lot to offer as a partner when they eventually meet someone.

They are very intelligent and noble beings with high moral standards. Polarians love knowledge and new experiences; they always want to know more about everything around them!

If the above description has given you the feeling that your soul could be a Polarian, then read on and find out more.

Where Do Polarian Starseeds Come From?

It is said that Polarians are from the star system of Polaris. Which is a triple star system, containing Polaris A, Polaris Ab, Polaris B to be more specific.

Their planet orbits around one star, much like the recently discovered KOI-5Ab in a triple star system.

Polaris is known as the North Star because it is the brightest star in Ursa Minor and located in a position close to the Earth’s north celestial pole.

North Star Energy: Loyalty

Polarians are loyal and down-to-earth, no pun intended btw. Polarians love to help others and are always willing to lend a hand when they see that someone is struggling.

Polarians have the ability to see energy fields, as well as their own spirit guides. They can also sense vibrations in all forms which allows them an insight into what’s going on around them at any given time.

Polarians are also clairvoyant and can communicate with one another through thoughts in order to prevent any misunderstandings from occurring.

Polarians have a lot of traits that set them apart from humans, but they still have some things in common such as feelings of love, compassion, humor, and curiosity.

What Do Polarians Look Like?

On their home planet, Polarians are said to have very pale skin, which is so light that it almost looks translucent. Polarian’s eyes are usually a combination of blue and gold as well as silver.

They also typically have lighter hair colors than humans such as platinum blonde or silver-gray.

The most distinguishing trait of Polarians is their round heads and large almond-shaped eyes, with pupils in the shape of an inverted teardrop.

However on Earth, the polarian soul embodies many types of people with different ethnicity, so it does not matter if you are light or dark in skin complexion.

Polarians are remarkable and truly beautiful beings and at the same time are also very similar to humans in many ways.

Polarian Traits

Here are some traits of a Polarian soul;

  • Polarians are very intelligent and noble people with high moral standards
  • They love knowledge and new experiences; they always want to know more about everything around them!


  • They feel like a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Able to explore other cultures.
  • Polarians are more likely to feel higher mystical experiences as they explore the universe.


  • Polarian DNA carries a gene that allows them to have stronger bones and muscles compared with others on Earth.
  • Polarians can see better at night, even in complete darkness due to their heightened vision.


  • Polarian children are encouraged to be imaginative and creative.
  • Polarian parents have a strong bond with their children and understand them better than any Earthling parent can hope for.

Polarian Energy

Polarians have a natural connection with all living things and that’s why they get along so well with others who resonate at the same frequency as them. Polarians radiate energy which is full of love, compassion, humor, and curiosity.

Polarians are also very intelligent and have a deep understanding of all things, which is why Polarian energy can help to expand one’s psychic powers.

How To Heal And Ground

To help Polarians feel more grounded or heal. it helps if they can sense the energy of their home, moving to the northern hemisphere helps these souls feel closer to home.

Polarians love to travel and experience different cultures so Polarian’s feel happier if they are doing something that’s true to their soul rather than being stuck somewhere.

There are other things that help their soul like color therapy, spending time in nature or around animals. Polarian’s love to watch the moon and stars at night.”

Polarians are sensitive souls that need to heal from nightmares, emotional pain, depression, and their past lives as well. Polarian energy can help with these things by keeping them grounded through their emotions.

Polarians also need to spend time with their family and friends as Polarian energy is communal energy.

Polarians can also help other Polarian’s by being there for them and sharing their energy.

Polarian Gifts

Polarians incarnate on Earth with many gifts, here are some of them:

  • The ability to heal
  • Connection with animals
  • Able to sense different frequencies of light and energies in the world
  • Love of nature
  • Polarians may be inclined to become shamans, healers, or counselors
  • Strong connection to the Earth, her cycles, and seasons

Polarians are also often gifted in the areas of art, creativity, and expression.

It’s not uncommon for Polarian children to be interested in dance, music, and theater at an early age because their natural abilities make them naturally drawn to these types of activities.

Polarians have an innate ability to see beyond physical reality into other dimensions. Polarians who are living on Earth often report experiences of seeing deceased loved ones.

Polarians are also very sensitive to their environment and may see energy fields in certain places.

Polarians Are Gifted Healers

Polarians are among the most sensitive starseed to both physical and emotional energies.

Polarians often take on shamanic healing work because of this natural inclination, and they have a deep connection with nature which can help them attune themselves to their clients’ energy as well.

Polarian healers are highly empathic and intuitive and are often called upon for shamanic work when someone is feeling lost or stuck within themselves due to illness or other types of challenges they may be facing.

Polarians also have a gentleness in their energy that can help them connect with those who might otherwise not want to share what’s going on, such as children.

Polarians are also very in tune with animals, and many Polarians have experienced the feeling of being an animal or having a strong connection to one.

Many Polarian healers feel that they were gifted this way so that they could offer a service that is helpful for all living things.

Challenges For Polarians

Polarians often experience a sense of displacement or isolation, and they may find themselves trying to balance their work and emotions.

Polarians have an innate understanding that life happens in cycles rather than linear time, so they naturally live day-to-day without the need for planning. Polarians are used to being able to see and understand the full cycle of life.

However, Polarians on Earth may find themselves trying to fit into a culture that doesn’t acknowledge cycles as part of daily life.

Polarians can be frustrated by this type of disconnection from others because they feel so grounded in their own sense of reality.

Therefore Polarians may feel disconnected from themselves, their work, or others if they don’t find a way to live in accordance with the cycles of life.

Polarian starseeds can feel like they don’t belong in our society just like other starseeds.

However, they can overcome these challenges by connecting with other Polarian starseeds, and learning about Polarian culture on Earth.

They can also balance their loneliness by making friends or working with other Polarians to learn spiritually.

Polarians are naturally inclined towards spirituality, so this should come easily for them.

They may be called upon to help others connect spiritually or just find balance within themselves.

Polarian Spiritual Mission

The polarian spiritual mission is to balance the feminine energies. Polarians are highly sensitive, compassionate beings who experience great joy in seeing others flourish. Polarian starseeds come from a planet where the population is almost 100% female.

As such, Polarians are the perfect mediators for getting in touch with one’s feminine side. Polarians have a strong connection to Mother Earth, nature, and all living beings.

Polarian starseeds find it difficult when they cannot be outdoors or connected to something green because these things nourish them on so many levels.

Polarians have a natural gift at balancing others in their lives who need help because they have a strong connection to Mother Earth.

They can transform Earth’s energy for the better, and Polarians who live on Earth have a vital role to play in this transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are Polarians Role on Earth?

A: The Polarians have a vital role on Earth because they are compassionate beings who can help people balance their feminine energies. They also have a strong connection to Mother Earth and all living beings.

Q: What kind of abilities do the Polarians have?

A: The Polarians have a variety of abilities which include telepathy, accessing emotions, and balancing energies.

Q: How can they help you in your life?

A: They are great healers and you should always seek their guidance.

Q: How do Polarian starseeds transform Earth’s energy?

The Polarian starseeds have been transforming Earth’s energy by helping to create the grid system on Earth and adjusting the energy.

Q: What is the polarian spiritual mission?

A: The Polarian spiritual mission is to provide teachings and healing for the human spirit.