Powerful thoughts to change your day – 3 tips

I am going to share with you certain mindsets, you’re going to start everyday with and not just the start of the week. The greatest limitation you have is yourself. We think too often about our past and our past is often bad experiences we have been through, these thoughts limit us. Everyone is going through something right now and the more excuses you have, the more you justify where you are.powerful thoughts

If we start thinking of excuses, we give our self more reasons to not do something. Nothing can stop you from creating; enjoying yourself in nature and sharing with the world, what stops us is our mindset. This is a belief system, you can live life… like everything is stacked against you or you can live life, like everything is stacked in your favour, you should always choose the latter, because everyday the universe is conspiring to help you get whatever you want.


I have a mindset that I have people around me that love me, help me and I help them just because I am changing my mindset. I realize I can do anything, we are limitless. My old mindset was life is not fair, I have no time etc.


What is holding you back?

1. Ask yourself what is holding you back? What you will find is that lot of excuses, but once you remove all those excuses. You begin you to realize what it is you want to do, if you don’t know what you want to do, you will be all over the place. You start to realize you are your greatest limitation. What does that mean? It means once you free yourself you can go anywhere and nobody will stop you.

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powerful thoughts 22. The second thought, when I was talking to a good friend in the park as we always do, we were saying that, after the age of 15 you are dealing with the walking wounded. Most people have gone though many bad experiences, traumatic childhood experiences, human beings are extremely fragile creatures. You have to learn how to become mentally and emotionally stronger but you see what we have done in society is that everybody is wearing this massive body armour. To defend against these you become a zombie without feelings, you don’t want to get hurt. The most sensitive and vulnerable people on the planet are the most powerful. Because if you are afraid to feel then you are afraid to open up, what will happen is that one day you will explode.


3. The planet we live in, we know very little about it, the universe we know even less and what about ourselves.. How much do we know about ourselves? We probably know 0.5% about ourselves. This indicates we are an untapped reservoir of diamonds, elements we don’t even know are within us, just imagine what you could do in the right environment, just imagine what you could do when you stop blaming yourself of the past, just imagine what you can do when you just move more into what you came here to do, you should be loving life and realize that there is no quick fix, it’s a marathon you have to enjoy the ride. It’s not about getting somewhere; it’s about enjoying where you are in this present moment.

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