These Precognition Signs Reveal You Have Extrasensory Perception


In layman’s terms, precognition refers to psychic ability. In more specific terms, precognition refers to one branch of psychic ability.

It is characterised by dealing with mystical phenomenon having no scientific basis. The word dwells from the Latin words pre and Cognito which translate to ‘acquiring knowledge’.

This form of psychic phenomenon deals with looking into the future or interpreting the future through signs.

Precognition is widely reported, even by some of the most sceptical people. It is mostly referred to as our sixth sense or a gut feeling.

For example; without any physical indication whatsoever, you have this feeling in your mind that something is about to happen.

You cannot pinpoint it to a specific incident, but something happens, and you feel as if the world beneath your feet just moved. Of course, precognition is a step ahead of that example.

Through this phenomenon, you can directly correlate to the signs you’ve received to an impending event.

Signs of Extrasensory Perception:

Extrasensory perception is essentially the ability to see the future through signs. We’ve all heard of numerous hoaxes and fake predictions that have mostly centred on this notion.

However, even if they’re a mere handful, there have been reported incidents of psychic predictions coming true.

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These foreseen events usually refer to game predictions, earthquakes or volcanic eruptions etc. In fact, earthquakes are amongst the most widely reported in this category.

Now, here’s the thing – how does one know for sure he or she has precognition and doesn’t dismiss it as a coincidence. Well, there are a few ways for you to be sure.

Vivid recurring dreams:

Our subconscious mind is triggered mostly during sleep because our conscious mind is the one sleeping. While this theory has been disregarded by many as baseless, it has been statistically recorded with a fair percentage of dreams occurring in real life.

We see faces, places and scenarios in our mind that we cannot pinpoint towards anything particular.

Furthermore, these dreams are incredibly vivid. They aren’t like the standard dreams we forget later on. Someone with precognition remembers his or her dream in great detail till the event occurs.

Sensing auras:

Precognition in this sense has more to do with how someone will react or change their behaviour sooner or later.

The ability to detect auras gives you a general idea of what to expect. You can see the intensity of their auras changing with time and can predict that something is about to happen

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Out of body experiences:

Sometimes, one senses a strange presence but is unable to relate it to anybody in particular. You feel like you’ve sensed something about the future while sitting in the comfort of your living room.

It’s like something’s flashing right in front of your eyes. For a mere second, you witness something not many people can – the impending events.

It leaves you shell-shocked for a while, but once you’ve recollected your thoughts and regained composure, you’re able to understand the experience.

Similarly, you can have a weird feeling of deja vu. You feel like something has happened while other people say otherwise.

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