Precognitive Dreams Symptoms: We are all blessed with some psychic abilities. The nature of oneness in the universe means that we are all – in a very literal sense – interconnected.

These connections spread like a web amongst the people of this world and provide us with often untapped powers.

But when the veil is thinnest, when the physical world has relinquished its total grasp on our minds, when we are asleep, and we enter the world of dreams, we can experience the powers that only a few have managed to obtain on the physical plane.

In fact, we can even see the future.

Precognitive Dreams Symptoms

Of course, it can be challenging to sort the meaningless dreams from the meaningful ones.

So we have listed below the symptoms of a precognitive dream so that you can work out whether or not you have caught a glimpse of the future.


 Precognitive dreams – dreams that tell the future – are amongst the most vivid dreams we experience.

In fact, they are much like real life. So much so that we cannot often tell the difference between real life and the precognitive dream until we have sat and thought about it.

We have all experienced the feeling of a dream being particularly “real”.

That feeling is as a result of spiritual or psychic importance.

The parts of our mind that are particularly attuned to this sort of thing flag the precognitive dreams as important, and we pay particular attention to them.

This causes the dream to stick with us and remain vivid long after we would forget a less important dream entirely.

Recurring Dreams

 It has long been believed in common cultural wisdom that recurring dreams come true.

Obviously, this is not the case. But it isn’t too far off the mark.

It is not that recurring dreams come true, but that precognitive dreams tend to visit us multiple times.

We are on the receiving end of a message from the future, and that message is of incredible importance to our spiritual selves.

So it is no surprise that when we enter the spiritual realm during sleep that we will be greeted over and over again with a reminder of that important message.

Whether a recurring dream is a precognitive dream is never certain. But in any case we should pay attention to the recurring dreams – they come to us again and again for a reason.

It’s up to us to work that reason out.

Bears Out

Of course, the real test of whether a dream is precognitive or not is whether or not it comes true.

Or is it?

Recognising with hindsight that dream was precognitive is a learning experience.

We should pay attention to the particular qualities of those dreams and remember them for the next time. Experience only grants us power.

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