Precognitive Empath Test: Do you possess divine forethought or foreknowledge? Does a feeling of trepidation send chills down your spine?

Can you anticipate unpleasant or untoward circumstances with uncanny accuracy?

Well, then you’re probably one of the most spiritually gifted individuals on the planet.

The divine source has endowed you with precognitive abilities, and you need a Precognitive Empath test to use your skills to the max.

There is one thing that fuels precognition the most ― empathy. Empaths have the ability to perceive the emotional states of others.

They can tap into the subconscious of your mind without you even knowing.

Precognition and empathy is, therefore, a killer duo, a mutualistic association of the highest order.

It enables chosen individuals to have an extraordinary prescience of mind while also possessing the ability to connect with others on an entirely unprecedented level.

A simple precognitive empath test can help you realise your latent abilities.

If you have experienced the following signs, it means you’re a precognitive empath.

A Comprehensive Precognitive Empath test

Vivid and Lucid Dreams

Precognitive Empaths have vivid and lucid dreams. For most of us, dreams are just broken fragments of our mind.

But an Empath’s dreams are a dose of reality. That is why Empaths hold on to subtle details of their dreams for days and months. And most often than not, their dreams come true in one way or another.

Empaths either dream about a future occurrence or get indicators or signals which they must interpret to decode the message their dreams are trying to convey.

Keep in mind that interpreting symbols and signs in dreams is a complicated process and requires in-depth analysis. Journaling your thoughts is one way to make sense of dreams.

Precognitive Empaths are often advised to keep a diary beside their beds to preserve the details of their dreams right after their occurrence.

Accurate Gut Instincts

Your wild hunches, gut instincts mostly turn out to be correct.

You have this undying desire to follow the voice inside your heart because you know it will lead you to something of substance.

Sometimes, you can even guess what people are going to say before they even utter a word.

Heightened Sensibilities

Trepidation, alarm, dread, apprehension ― all of these sensibilities continuously intrude your subconscious.

For instance, sometimes, you’ll stop your lover from going somewhere just because you had this wild hunch that it will be dangerous for him or her.

Trust me your fears are not baseless. A precognitive Empath’s intuition is close to infallible.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu is a regular occurrence for you. You often stumble across strangers and unvisited places and feel a weird sense of familiarity.

You feel as if you’ve already met this stranger or been in this place before.

Sixth Sense

You have a sixth sense which equips you with a heightened sensitivity. Others condone minor changes in the moods and behaviours, but not by you.

You’re highly perceptive, and that is why you often feel an obligation towards others. You never let an opportunity to be there for another human just slide by.

This is a simple precognitive Empath test that can help you identify your divine abilities.

Make sure you tick every point before reaching conclusions.