Prediction Or Fiction

No matter how you view the library of predictions over the centuries from various sources, there are still many messages of hope that can be found within them.

The one thing a lot of the people who made the predictions have in common is the theme around the End of the world, as if it is an inevitable realism, which makes you think that for centuries humans have been getting it wrong and could be the creators of their own downfall.


On doing some of this research I came across the North American Indian teachings and predictions of the Hopi tribe who i have been drawn to before when looking at the divine female.

They predicted the first and second world wars with accuracy and also added that these were just a warning from spirit and that there would be a larger and more devastating third world war. (Let’s hope they got this wrong!)

They accurately predicted that white skinned men would invade their land and come in wagons full of people. They also predicted that long horned beasts similar to buffalo would cover their land (cattle) and that snakes of iron would cross the land, (railways), so all early predictions were very accurate.

The next batch is more in line with modern day in that “The Earth will be kriss krossed by a giant spiders web” (ley lines, faults in the earths crust) and that “there will rivers of stone that makes pictures in the Sun and you will hear of the sea turning black” with many things dying because of it.

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They also predict that many young people with long hair just like them, will turn to them to learn of their ways and teachings after some catastrophe, but their final big prediction is based around a comet or meteorite hitting the Earth and destroying a lot of it, in their words they said, ” You will hear of a dwelling place in the heavens that will crash to earth and will appear as a blue star, then soon after his peoples ceremonies will be no more”


Many predictions around massive volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can be found throughout many centuries, but as catastrophic as it all sounds there are also many references to a new world order will emerge, rising like a Phoenix out of the ashes.

This new world will emerge with a new way of thinking based in old traditions, but with love and caring for the Earth and each other. So a world wide spiritual awakening will occur and set us on a purer path of existence.

Throughout history we have been given direction on how humans should live upon this earth, treat the land, and respect all living things, but unfortunately we have ignored all these signs and signals and just headed towards disaster. We have strayed from our original path and do not reflect upon our behaviour or notice the signs that nature has been repeatedly giving us.

If we were to examine all the warning signs that have been given us through the centuries from people such as Nostradamus, the early Mayans, Edgar Case, Mother Shipton, and the Hopi Indians to name but a handful, they all have warnings of how the world may end, but maybe not totally and the survivors will return to the old ways of spirituality.

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Having faith in the belief that a new world will arise from the ashes will help us put an end to our current negative actions, materialism and selfishness, and put is back in touch with our spiritual being, our consciousness, our connectedness and respect for this planet Earth we live upon.


A respect for all living things, a world of peace, love, respect and harmony for all life on Earth, that eutopia that all lightworkers dream of.

So even if all these predictions become reality, there is still hope and faith that this new world order can emerge and make this world a better place, and if they are not accurate we can still recognise that for centuries people have been warning us that human kind has been treading the wrong path and needs to change course, and in so doing we can at least avoid the man made catastrophes predicted.

As a conclusion, no matter if these predictions are fact or fiction, there are still lessons we can learn from them, and as Lightworkers we should always be striving for the same Eutopia that would arise after a massive calamity or disaster to wake us up and another reason to always live in the NOW.

Christopher Claxton



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