Premonitions of Death Can It Be Real?

My 40 year old cousin said to me that she would die soon; after a month she was diagnosed with cancer that took her life within three months. My grandma knew in what circumstances she would die.

My uncle said on his 35th birthday that he was celebrating his last birthday and he was correct. These are some examples of premonitions of death from my family. You must have some examples as well.

There are many different kinds of premonitions. Some people just know they are about to die and they are true. While others just feel that way and still live for many years. Death premonitions could be true or false. It depends on the person to perceive the right message at the right time.

Here are some examples why premonitions of death falsely occur:

  • Death card in tarot and death in the dream don’t mean that you are about to die. It could also mean that some part of you will die, or something in life will end.
  • Soul reminds you that your life is short and you can live it wisely, and you take the message wrong.
  • Health concerns or diagnosis with the general or terminal diseases make people think that they will die soon.
  • Fear of losing your loved ones sometimes turns into premonitions of death.
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However, it is not necessary that these premonitions are always wrong. Premonitions of death are real in many cases. When death is near, there is a change in energy. If the person is sensitive enough, he or she can detect that energy shift.

Same happens when someone we love is about to die. If you have psychic power, you could sense that change even a day before their death.

Hospitals face deaths now and then. Maggie Callahan is a nurse and speaker. She claims that people use identical words before their death. In her career, she has seen the death of more than 2000 people. The most common thing they say is that they see their deceased loved ones are waiting for them.

American doctors William Green, Alex Moss, and Stefan Goldstein studied the stories of thousands of patients who died a sudden death. They found that most of the people were able to predict their end. They also found that most of them felt great depression any time from days or months before death. That depression was never ending.

Death is the ultimate truth of life. Sooner or later, we all will die. Premonitions of death could be real, or they could be not! But death is an inevitable reality. If you ever feel that way, the best thing to do is to spend time with the people you love.

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You can also complete any important unfinished work that should be completed in your life. Lots of psychic knowledge is needed to know when these premonitions are real. When you cannot distinguish, it is better to be prepared. Death should be welcomed as an old friend and not as an enemy. Since our birth, death is the final destination of the body, but the soul continues its journey even afterwards.

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