If you ever sit and wonder why am I here, what is the purpose of my existence, then just step outside and watch the clouds rolling by in the sky. Notice the vastness of this world, this Universe. Although we may be in a different country, different continent, have different cultures, different languages, be of different religions or beliefs, we are all standing under that same sky you are looking at.

Go find a stream and let the water run through your fingers. Feel the gentleness of the water, but understand that in it’s gentleness is also a mighty force that can be unstoppable and bring down anything in it’s path.


The gentleness of a summer breeze to the mighty force of a hurricane, or a soft shower of rain to the mighty force of a storm, the beauty and the power of nature shows itself to us every day. This is creation, and you are part of that nature that can be either the soft gentle existence or can be the force that can drive your life in the direction you want it to go.

As for the purpose of your current human experience, you may have been returned for a very specific purpose, however our base reason is all the same. We are here as a connection to the whole of creation, here to learn and gain knowledge, to experience all aspects of being human and take on board all those lessons we learn for the expansion of the Universe. We are sent with a purpose to give and receive love and to experience the magnificence of life itself, in order to hopefully progress the spirituality of this Earth and make it a better place for the existence of all living things upon it.

However, in our creation we were given free will, that ability to make choices and not just react to instincts, the thing that distinguishes us from other living things upon the Earth. It is the thing that sometimes we fail to recognise that was given us so that we can live the life we expect for ourselves.

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It is no good blaming circumstances or other peoples influences for the lack of happiness and joy in our lives, you do not have to live in misery, you have the free will to change that and all you need is the courage to do so.

If your life is not a happy one, or your in a place you don’t want to be, or you are living a life that is not in alignment with your inner you, then the time has come to press the reset button.
It’s time to set new goals and directions for your life, to start training your subconscious mind to be at one with the real you and start working in alignment with your inner you. It is time to remove from your existence that which is not in a true vibrational alignment with who you are, and start to train your mind to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


remember you are where you are now because of the thoughts you have been thinking and if you have negative thoughts, you can’t expect to have a positive outcome or life.

When you stretch out your hand to help another get up and stand, you are not just helping them, you are fulfilling your spiritual purpose for being here, you are showing that connected love and compassion for your fellow human.

As well as resetting your thoughts, be aware of the existence of Ego, understand that richness of life is not dependent upon what possessions you may have or positions you may hold. Richness of being can also be gauged against the amount of love we can give or through the lives we can touch through our compassion and generosity, or selfless service to those in need. Yes, the Earths energy is exchanged through money and we all need a certain amount to get by, but do not let money or possessions be your driving force and recognise enough as your gauge.

Each and every person you experience in your life either closely or just passing in the street is identical on the inside and only exterior differences distinguish us from each other. We are all born from a spark and a single cell, we grow and our bodies change with that growth, and we change through our life experiences, yet still we are all of one source , one beginning, and will go on even when this human body we occupy has given up, so you owe it to yourself to make this human experience the best it can be, so if it’s not press that reset button and start changing your life.

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If , as you read this you are are not in a place that brings you joy and happiness (the single most important purpose of your existence) then it is time to press that reset button and change the direction of your life.

Say to yourself:
Tomorrow is going to be the start of the rest of my life.

I will not accept any day that is not taking me closer to the real me and my new goals.
I will be kinder and more loving to myself and humanity
I will appreciate the miracle and blessing that life itself is, and the beauty of this earth we have been given to walk upon and all the living things upon it.
I will be more positive about my reason for existence and believe that life can and will change because I love who I am and am worthy of a better life.


Just stop putting all that negative garbage in the way of your goals, the what if’s, the buts, the fear energy that stops you progressing.
Be brave, have faith in yourself, and your purpose for being here.
You can and will reach your goal if you start to believe in yourself and strive daily for a better more loving existence.

Press that restart button today, don’t procrastinate, only you and your thoughts stop you from being the best you can be for yourself.

Christopher A Claxton 5/7/2018.


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