What is a psychic attack?

Have you ever felt out of the ordinary sensations that have an adverse effect on both your physical or mental state?

You’ve ruled out every physical or psychological cause, and still, you’re confused as to what is unsettling you?

If so, you have most likely come under psychic attack. However, some people who are aware that their sensations can be attributed to a psychic attack, do not come forward and say it out loud, out of fear of being ridiculed.

Well, let me tell you right now that a psychic attack is an actual phenomenon and you if you put aside your scepticism, you may recall incidents where you’ve experienced them yourself!
First off, how would one describe a psychic attack?

Essentially, it’s a wave of negative energy which stems from the ill-thoughts someone you may or may not know harbours against you. This person may or may not be attacking you intentionally.

The negative thoughts are enough for you to get affected. Unless you’re completely oblivious, you would agree that the 21st century isn’t exactly a friendly place to be.

Envy, rage and all sorts of evil have corrupted our minds. Seeing one person progress, there’ll undeniably be at least one person jealous of his or her success.

When this ill-thoughts over-fill a person’s mind to the extent of them wishing significant harm to someone else, a psychic attack occurs.

Symptoms of a psychic attack:

When you’ve consulted a medical expert and ruled out any apparent reason for your condition, it’s time to begin considering the possibility of a psychic attack.

Symptoms of a psychic attack are mostly psychological; you begin to feel depressed or even suicidal, emotional numbness, constant unexplainable fear and numerous others.

These symptoms, however, can also be physical such as; irregular sleep patterns, erratic eating habits etc. One day you’re high in the skies and the next you’ve hit rock bottom.

Since this is the result of someone harbouring ill-thoughts towards you, those ill-thoughts begin to manifest into your mind. Hence, instead of progressing like you want to, you move back like they want you to.

How to protect yourself

Protection against a psychic attack doesn’t necessarily require you to consult someone trained.

However, it is recommended to do so if the condition prevails. First of all, you cannot disregard a psychic attack as something that’ll simply go away with time. You have to fight off the attack.

To do so, you need to clear your mind of these thoughts. You need to sit back and relax, meditate if necessary.

Your goal here is to stop these thoughts from spreading in your mind and affecting your everyday life, further.

Relaxing has a comprehensive definition; it can mean different things to different people.

For some people, a nice long bath is a solution. Technically speaking, water is a symbol of peace and tranquillity. On the other hand, you can also drop everything and go out to spend a moment collecting your thoughts.

Talking to a friend or a close one, someone you can trust is always a good fix.

A psychic attack is intended to affect your health in such a way that you’re unable to achieve everything wished to.

Remember, fighting off evil with just evil results in a downward spiral. You need to spur optimistic and upbeat thoughts inside your mind.

Recollect memories of happier times and remind yourself that those times will come again.