A psychic attack is a form of negative energy attack that is done by the attacker consciously or unconsciously. It leads to mental and physical harm.

Many times, people are unaware that they are the victim of the psychic attack.

The psychic attack symptoms vary from person to person as well as the level of harm.

The impact of the attack is not restricted to the victim only but might influence family and friends as well and thus affect the whole life of the person.

An intentional attack occurs when an attacker deliberately curses you by casting a spell upon you.

It is for a particular purpose and disturbs you completely if you don’t take any precautions.

It often results in altered mental, spiritual, emotional and physical state. A psychic attack could be unintentional as well.

A person who is jealous of you could harm you from the negativity they emit from their jealousy without even having a clue about it.

Psychic Attack Symptoms:

Here are the most common symptoms you face when you are under psychic attack:

Severe Headaches: These headaches are present for no apparent reason. They have their own onset time. They mainly occur when you are feeling happy.

Fatigue: You start your day with the feeling of tiredness. You feel fatigue through the whole day even when you don’t do anything.

Self-Doubt: All your confidence seems like it is vanishing in thin air. You don’t have the same power to complete your tasks. Self-doubt conquers you.

Nightmares: Your nights are not peaceful as they were before. You wake up in the middle of the night feeling terrified because of a horrific dream. These nightmares become a part of your daily life.

• Sleepless nights: You don’t sleep well at night. There’s a fear that lingers in your mind. Sometimes, the nightmares are responsible for it.

• Negativity all Around: No matter how positive you want to be, a negative thought always strikes you out of nowhere. It hinders your everyday work as well. You are unable to carry out your usual day-to-day chores because of these negative thoughts.

Random Pains: You may feel healthy in the morning, but your evening is filled with random pain and aches. You don’t feel like doing anything as these pains sharpen when you try to do anything productive. When you visit your doctor, your tests and reports are clear. There is no apparent reason for your illness.

Cloudy Mind: There is no clarity in your thoughts anymore. You are unable to concentrate. Your analytic abilities are fading away. You can’t even react to things properly.

Feeling of Being Watched: When you are alone, you think that someone is watching you. While driving, you have the uneasy feeling of being followed as well.

Anger Issues: Even though you were a calm person previously, you have an irrational burst of anger now. You can’t stop this reaction no matter how hard you try.

Troubled Mind: You are sure that something has happened to you, but you are unsure about it. Your mind remains agitated all the time.

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