Are You Under Psychic Attack – 7 Tips To Protect Yourself

In this article you will learn to identify a psychic attack and protect yourself from it. There are many types of psychic attack, from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and even attacks from dark entities. Most of these attacks we can deal with but spiritual and dark psychic attacks are to be taken seriously.

A psychic attack can often take the form of thought or energy which has negative intent, often directed at someone. These attacks can be from a random person or someone you may know, like a friend who doesn’t like you or a jealous ex boyfriend/girlfriend.


Often these attacks are unintentional, lets look at some of the basic types of psychic attack.

Different Types Of Psychic Attack

Physical Attack

This is a low level attack, this psychic attack comes in the form of very mild physical conditions you may suffer from, these ailments are, headaches, cramps, rashes and various aches throughout your body most notably stomach pains. This attack is very mild you may not even notice it.

Mental Attacks

This attack is on the mild level, since your psyche is involved, you may feel many mental emotions like, depression, guilt, fear, jealousy or even hate. Again you may not be aware of this as an attack.

Emotional Attack

Emotional attacks are low level, they are intended to bring you down, the attacker does not have to be a psychic to do this, they may attack you with a verbal insult to bring you down on an emotional level. This attack is closely linked to a spiritual attack, lets see below.

Spiritual Attacks

This is quite a high level attack, when you receive an attack on the spiritual level, it may change your personality, you may end up behaving in unusual ways, you may end up partaking in immoral activities, committing crimes or even taking dangerous risks. This attack is to destroy your spirit, combat this by maintaining a high level of spiritual energy.


Psychic Attacks In the Form Of Curses, Spells, Witchcraft and Voodoo

These are the most dangerous level of psychic attack, they affect a person emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Black magic type of attacks affect a person on their psyche and lower their energy, cause illness and even death. Be aware of this attack.

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Dark Entities and Spirits

Are we able to draw in dark entities? yes we can draw in spirits and entities without any influence. When we are in a state of fear, anger, bitterness and resentment we draw in these negative energies. Fear and anger are normal emotions when things don’t go our way. Being in a short term bad emotional state doesn’t draw in these entities, its when we are in a prolonged states that attract these energies.

So any form of violence, whether its mental or emotional draw in dark energies, I would also add regular use of alcohol and drugs bring in these dark entities.

These dark spirits can move into your physical body, and your aura, which may affect what you desire, feel and go about doing. When these spirits inhabit your body you may go through a complete personality change.

Negative Thoughts

This is another type of psychic attack be it on the dark side, this is done through negative thinking, jealousy or wishing the other person harm, taking revenge etc. These thoughts can lodge into a persons aura or body causing damage.

How To Remove a Psychic Attack?

There are many methods available for removing a psychic attack, the following will help you heal from it.

Energy Practitioner

If you believe you are under attack from any of the above mentioned attacks you should consider seeing an energy practitioner who is qualified in clearing these dark energies.

Smudging With White Sage

Smudging with white sage is a custom of Native American Indians who have used it and they still continue to use to clear dark or unwanted energies.

Its best to smudge daily, we are prone to attack from unwanted energies, around our work place or home. To smudge do the following, get a bowl of about 5 inches in diameter, then place some sand to cover the bottom of the bowl to protect it from heat, place few leaves of white sage on the sand and light the edge of the leaves. When the leaf is flaming blow out the flame and leave it to smoke, this smoke is called smudging.

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Pass the smoke all around you and over your head few times. You can also smudge your home, first close all the doors and windows, place the bowl with leaves around each room. Leave the doors and windows closed for few hours. This will remove any dark entities and spirits.

Tibetan Incense

This incense is so pure it will remove any negative energy in your home and aura. Use it when you feel you are under a psychic attack.

under psychic attack



When you need to clear negative energy, its important to ground yourself, sit comfortably so you are deeply connected to mother earth.

Protection From Anger And Revenge

This is a great technique when people are angry at you, and they are sending you vengeful energy. This visualization technique works really well, visualize the other person is about 100 feet from you and a glass wall drops between you, this wall can only be penetrated by loving energy, all negative energy won’t be heard. This is great for protecting your aura.

Surround yourself in White Light

White light signifies love and is great for small negative energy attacks. So surround yourself with this light and feel connected to the loving universe.

Cleanse Your Chakras and Auras

Its important to have your chakras and auras balanced, a psychic attack can distort and throw the energies of your chakras out of balance.


You can use affirmation to have a belief that you are safe and have the feeling of love and protection.

If you are under a heavy psychic attack its best to see a qualified energy practitioner. Found the article helpful? Please share it with your friends.


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