29 Signs of Psychic Awakening

Psychic awakening is the time when the person is ready to accept the truth. His interests change, consciousness grows, and there’s desire to change his inner self and the world. It is the process of finding who you are.

30 Psychic Awakening Symptoms:

You are going through this beautiful process if you have all or at least 17 of these psychic awakening symptoms:


1. The top sign is sensing the change and knowing that you are becoming a new person

2. You feel happy about this change plus you are scared because you are not going to live by the rules of society anymore

3. The world seems like an entirely different place; it wears new colour and presents new taste

4. You know where you were wrong in your old life; you know all your mistakes, and you are ready to correct them

5. Not every person around us is evolving which is quite painful because there’s been a gap between you and them that you are unable to fill


6. You want to be alone or with the people who provide you spiritual comfort

7. You don’t like things that aren’t authentic or real whether it was your favourite TV show or most visited place

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8. Illusions, lies, hypocrisy, all seem like enemies

9. High depression is there because you can feel the sadness and sufferings of the world

10. You want to create a better world for all; you don’t want to hurt any person or animal

11. You only want to do meaningful things; from your job to spending your time daily, you only do things that are constructive for you and society

12. Your five senses are highly developed along with the spiritual senses:; your inspiration, emotions, instincts, imagination, all are getting better than before

13. You are enthusiastic more than ever about achieving your dreams

14. You are ready to be connected with your higher self

15. You trust your intuitions and firmly believe in yourself now

16. As you head more towards spirituality, you find more synchronicities in your life

17. You take good care of the body by eating right and taking proper care of your hygiene

18. You are attracted towards healthier food and may not like the food you used to eat before

19. Vegan could become your favourite diet as you don’t see animals as food anymore

20. You can feel the pain of animals and plants as well; you even don’t want to tear a leaf of the tree when not necessary

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21. Your sleeping patterns are entirely changed; when there are episodes of tiredness and fatigue, you don’t want to leave the bed; and also, when you are full of energy, you just want to achieve your goals, and even little sleep is sufficed to get you going whole day


22. You don’t worry anymore even in adverse situations and take decisions with calm mind

23. You avoid conflict; you don’t like drama

24. You don’t judge others or yourself

25. Your heart is full of love, and you want to share it

26. There’s a strong sense of connection between everything; animals, humans, nature, earth and universe – you sense their connection

27. This connection motivates you to play your part positively

28. There’s a deep feeling of bliss; you can feel the unexplainable joy

29. Your eyes can sense beauty and perfection of this world like an artist

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