A psychic connection is a special type of bond between two people. It links them together through their minds and hearts rather than their physical presence.

This kind of connection can easily be explained by considering a recurring experience nearly everyone can recount.

Have you ever been away from a loved one, yet gotten this feeling that something meaningful just happened to him or her? You could just be going about your day, minding your own business and all of a sudden you get this unexplainable sensation that something either went horribly wrong or blissfully right.

Later on, you’re loved one tells you about an incident in their life which relates to the feeling you had.

You’re completely blown away by this and think there’s no possible explanation.

You can disregard that one instance as a coincidence; however, it isn’t just one instance is it? It happens again and again. That is a psychic connection.

You don’t have to be there or require your loved one to tell you to sense that something’s up verbally. Call it a gut feeling if you will, but over time, people develop permanent bonds.

Forming a psychic connection:

A psychic connection isn’t just formed with anybody. You can’t form it with someone you like simply because you think you know them well enough.

You may find yourself developing this link with someone you didn’t believe you would have it with.

The connection isn’t built solely with time; it’s made with mutual understanding and love. Hence, psychic connections with friends are the most prevailing.

To form a psychic connection, you two have to be completely honest with each another. This doesn’t apply to honesty when you have nothing to lose.

You have to make yourself completely vulnerable to the other person. You have to trust them to such an extent that you’re comfortable with telling them those things you’ve never told anybody else.

This isn’t a one-way street; they have to put in just as much effort as you. Both of you should be on the same level.

Is it possible to lose a psychic connection?

It is entirely possible to lose a psychic connection. However, this doesn’t happen in a day or two. It takes months or maybe years to lose this special bond with someone.

If you had a close friend, and you’re not close to him anymore, you may still feel the connection even after a few days of falling out.

Granted, after a prolonged period of time, the connection is lost. Hence, it isn’t solely essential to build the connection. You two have to maintain it as well.

Maintaining a psychic connection:

To maintain a psychic connection, you two have to believe that the other person is one of the (if not the only) trustworthy person in your life.

If you go along every day putting up a brave face, you need to come to them at the end of the day and just let it all out. Believe in them, cherish them and love them.

Your understanding has reached this inseparable point that you’re beginning to experience things they would experience. You’ve started feeling things in their perspective.

A psychic connection is a beautiful connection which takes time to build and dismantle.