If you want to know what a Psychic Empath is, then you have come to the right place!

Psychic Empaths are very rare and very special. They hold great power to heal others and to influence the world for the greater good.

Knowing what makes a Psychic Empath will help you to see if you or someone you know is a Psychic Empath.

But first, we should clear up what separates a Psychic Empath from the average person who has a lot of empathy:Psychic Empath Definition

Empathy vs Psychic Empaths

Empathy is common to almost everyone. In fact, a lack of empathy often suggests a mental disorder that needs treatment. That’s how core it is to being human.

In essence, it just means being able to understand the perspectives, thoughts, and emotions of others through non-verbal cues.

That means intuitively understanding body language, facial expression and all the tiny ticks and quirks that tip you off to how others are feeling.

That’s normal empathy. The Psychic Empath has this empathy but takes it all the way to the next level.

The Psychic Empath doesn’t need to read body language or facial expressions. They feel empathy through the metaphysical energies we are all surrounded by.

Young Psychic Empaths

Often, a Psychic Empath knows that they are cut from a different cloth at quite an early age. They prefer to be alone, fleeing the overwhelming pressure of playing with other children.

They have the power to feel the emotions of others, to understand them and how they work.

But they have no idea why it is happening or how to control it.

This often carries on through teenage years.

By the time a Psychic Empath learns about psychic shielding and how to control their psychic empathic abilities, they might have developed defence mechanisms that prevent them from opening up enough to do so.

The Importance Of Psychic Shielding For Empaths

It can be very stressful and difficult to feel the emotions of others all day without respite.

Those who learn of their powers often decide to practice psychic shielding.

This is the act of erecting a bubble of spiritual energy that protects the Psychic Empath’s aura, muting the barrage of emotion when it is not useful.

If you think that perhaps you are a Psychic Empath, this should be the first thing you learn to do.
What Do Psychic Empaths Do?

Many who identify as Psychic Empaths follow a life of healing.

They might be care workers, doctors or nurses, childminders or teachers.

Their unique ability to connect with someone’s inner self shines in these types of professions, and a lot of good can be done in the world by a Psychic Empath.

However, some take the spiritual path and become spiritual healers, helping others to understand their own journey.

Many Gurus and other spiritual mentors are Psychic Empaths.

So hopefully you have a better grasp on what a Psychic Empath is.