Meditation is a broad term; we take it as a practice that leads to mental relaxation, but it is a lot more than that.  It is the training of mind that opens the brain’s capacity to hear the unheard and see the unseen. It builds internal energy and promotes love, compassion, patience and generosity.

Psychic meditation is one step ahead of regular meditation. It is for the people who want to work as a medium, provide intuitive readings and similar workings.

This technique provides you with the switch to your mind, open it when you want and close it when you wish to. It is also for the people who are going through the process of psychic awakening; this practice can take you to the whole new level in no time.

Initial Preparation:

Select a quiet place that allows you to remain alone for at least 15 minutes. You must have something to write down your impressions. All your electronic gadgets should be turned off. There should be no distraction.

Selecting a Posture:

How you feel most relaxed is up to you, and you can select the position accordingly. Either you can lie down or sit, depending on your comfort level. You can also sit on a chair if you want to support your back. Whatever way you choose, just remember to place your palms in the face-up position to receive information.

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Start Focused Breathing

Deep belly breaths are required here. Shut your eyes and start breathing by breathing the air in through your nose in a way that your stomach expands. Count to three slowly and exhale using your mouth; again really slow. Repeat it till you feel a bit relaxed.

Set you Intentions:

Ask your mind to take you to the intention that you set, i.e. increased vibration. If you are doing it for your self, let the place be the best for you; and if for the client, then think the best for them.

Receive the Information:

When you reach the higher vibration levels, energy will start flowing in you from above. Now it’s your time to imagine what you are receiving. Spirits or deceased loved ones are providing you information; you need to decipher the symbols.

On the start of this step, you can set the parameter that shows that you are about to receive the information like you can visualise a door being opened, or a candle being lit; anything that gives you the feeling of a starting point.

Write What you Perceive:

Make notes of what you have sensed. Information could be provided in many ways, like through body sensations, changing of mood, visualisation of the image, hearing of a sound, or strong feel of knowing something.

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Things may not seem clear at first, but after a while, they will start to make sense. Perceiving information from psychic meditation requires lots of practice and hard work.

The End!

You always need to end your psychic meditation properly, or else you will continually receive the energy that will disturb your daily routine. Visualize the opposite of your opening sign, like closing a door or blowing out the candle to end your session.