We’re psychically connected to the entire universe. What makes that connection powerful is true love.

We’re complete individuals, with unrestricted potentials of empathy and love. Our talents lay dormant as long as we don’t find someone who makes us believe in ourselves.

Soulmates come into our lives to serve that purpose. They propel us towards endless love and light.

Did you stumble upon a complete stranger and felt a heightened sense of familiarity? Maybe a mystical force, divine energy, was conspiring behind the scenes to establish a soul connection.

But does it mean that the person who made you feel that way is undoubtedly your soulmate? It all depends if your meeting satisfied the psychic signs of love.

Instant Familiarity

Once in a blue-moon, we meet someone who we instantly recognise. We feel as if we’ve spent many lifetimes with them.

We’ve shared memories with them that have been etched into our minds. Confiding in them is easy.

We don’t need proof of their trust. Their vibe and intentions are in itself a corroboration of their trueness. From the very first meeting, a soulmate makes us feel at home.

A Deep-Seated Soul connection

Your connection with your lover might not be romantic, but it still might feel like as if you can’t live without them. Our soulmates are not necessarily romantic partners.

They can be anyone, from pets to parents. It’s not their gender or place in our life that matters, but the way they make us feel.

A Positive Influence

Ever met someone who inspired you to become a better version of yourselves? The whole world maligns us with its negativity.

Whenever we try to do something good, it discourages and judges us, and misleads us into doing something miserable, even though our intentions were pure.

But our soulmates are unlike any other person we meet. Their mere presence encourages us to better ourselves for the greater good.

Synchronized Emotions

Your thoughts are aligned. You have this telepathic connection that defies all reason. You know what’s going through each other’s head, without uttering a world.

Your moods are even in sync. Sadness and joy befall you at the same moment.

Recognizing soul mate energy

In a world of fleeting and deceitful romances, it is increasingly hard to recognise a soulmate. However, if you’ve experienced these signs, you can rest assured that you are with your destined lover.


You accept each other wholeheartedly. Even though you have conflicting beliefs and opinions, you never judge each other.

You give each other the freedom to grow spiritually. You never constrict each other’s personal development. Instead, you support each other whenever the need be.

Comfortable Silence

The silence you share doesn’t make you feel awkward. You always feel at home when you’re around your soulmate.

From reading books to pestering others, you do it all as a team. At times, it feels as if you’re both inseparable. Comfortable silence is one of the most blatant recognition signs of a soulmate relationship.

Prolonged Eye Contact

You’re a miserable introvert, a social pariah. You can’t even talk to another person eye-to-eye.

But when it comes to spending time with your soulmate, you become an entirely different person. You’re confident, poised, comfortable and most of all, “yourself”.

Emotional Support

Emotional vulnerability is strength in a soulmate relationship. When your guards are down, soulmates never makes you feel unprotected or weak.

On the contrary, they give you reassurances, devise ways to elevate your mood and are even willing to share your sadness. To them, nothing holds more importance than your well-being.

Time and distance account for nothing in a soulmate relationship. Even if you’re miles apart, you can feel your lover’s presence.

You can tap into their subconscious and make love to them without even making physical contact.

Making a psychic connection with someone

A psychic connection with someone is rare. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. You can better your chances of creating a psychic connection with someone by tending to your spiritual growth.

Spiritually enlightened people have a higher vibration. Their positive vibes and intentions attract the right people in their lives. Manipulative people and abusive relationships rarely contaminate their lives.

Aspire to be a being that radiates positivity. In life, we all have our problems, but what sets us apart is our optimism and good intentions.

Does everyone deserve love? But only a select few are lucky enough to taste it. They are the ones willing to accept everyone around them unquestionably.

Spiritual soul mate signs

A Soul Connection

It’s something inside of you that tells you that your relationship with your soulmate will endure. A soulmate is not a person; it’s a riveting emotion. When you meet a soulmate, you just KNOW.

Déjà vu Feeling

Sometimes, soulmates manifest themselves in romantic dreams. If your partner is your soulmate, there’s a massive possibility that you’ve seen them or been with them in a past life.

An uncanny sense of deja vu might envelop you when you first meet them.

Mutual Support and Understanding

Your mutual understanding is astounding. With others, everything is a blur. Their words slip under the cracks. But with your soulmate, even a momentary silence is decipherable.

You might feel as if your thoughts, moods and even behaviours are aligned. A feeling of oneness might leave you in awe. That is precisely when you know that you’re meant to be.

Mentally Inseparable

Not only do you embrace your soul mate’s imperfections, but you also make love to them. You treat their hardened scars as prized possessions.

You never let them feel as if their past is just theirs to bear. You involve yourself in every aspect of their life, and they do the same for you. Your unwavering support for each other makes you an ironclad couple.