Psychology Test | Which Door Frightens You Most?

A person must be happy if they want to win over their fears; this is the findings of acclaimed human psychology scholar, historian and American writer, Joseph Campbell, he famously said, “The cave you are scared to enter contains the treasure you seek”.

He studied human psychology and presented this theory on the fact that conquering your fears leads to happiness.


Not only Campbell believed that, but many other psychologists also accepted this theory including Clifford N. Lazarus.

According to him, we create our own fences which stop us from expressing ourselves. Facing fears and taking risks are two important factors that are necessary for gaining happiness.

These photos hold the secret to your personality. If you want to know where you stand, select one image that terrifies you most:

1. Abandoned House

Choosing this image depicts that you are an intelligent person who analyses things but you also don’t mind seeing things as they appear. You value your morals and believe that others will do the same.

The wallpaper portrays that you have created some emotional and spiritual walls around you and thus, you are not mingling with the people the way you should.


The presence of light symbolises that you want to destroy these walls; not for this planet, but for your loved ones. You are in search of emotional satisfaction and you can have it if you make an emotional connection with someone.

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2. Staircase

Staircase leading to the dark indicates that you are a free-living person who loves to enjoy every moment of life. Selecting this picture shows your fear of death and being buried.

You are afraid of the unknown, which may head towards you. You overthink, but this doesn’t stop you living your life. You are looking for good health, and for that, you need to eat healthily and adopt a better lifestyle.

3. Cave

If you have selected the ice cave, then it represents that you are looking for emotional warmth. Regrets and sorrows are your greatest fear, and thus you seek refuge in loneliness.

But it doesn’t mean you are not living a happy life. The best part about you is, you know your needs and what makes you happy.

You like to live independently and free. You are the seeker of true love.

4. Wooden cabin

Selecting the wooden cabin means that you enjoy generosity and you are always ready to help others. You are a loyal and straightforward person, but some people never accept your traits.

A house is a sign of security and love; on the other hand, a ruined house symbolises bankruptcy.

You want wealth in your life, and you know how to get it. But what you should remember is your relationship with people, the ones who are true to you, don’t want your money, they only want your support and love.

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5. Dark tunnel

If you are afraid of entering the tunnel, it means that you should inspect your emotions. The water indicates you should clear your mind to comprehend your feelings.

Instead of thinking about the troubles, you should use your energy to find the solution. You are searching for self-confidence which will help you act on your problems; only you can help yourself.

6. Chained Blue Door

The blue colour is the symbol of stability. Choosing the blue door means you are productive and creative. You can achieve big goals in life due to your problem-solving abilities.

You have leadership qualities. You seek comfort in life, and for that, you need to gift yourself some time.

Enjoy the little things life gives you alongside your busy work schedule.

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