Since the nature of our mind is to think of thoughts, then pure consciousness is to be in a state where you are completely free from all activities of the mind.

Pure consciousness is deep within the mind, all the activities like your desires and perspectives are, on the surface of the mind. As you observe life itself and your attention goes inward, you slip beneath the normal activities of the mind.


It is then you experience this state which is pure and natural. In this state you are never thinking of your wishes, desires and dreams, your mind never disturbs you in this natural space.

Pure Consciousness In Meditation

In Yoga and meditation we are always making efforts to make our mind silent and go inwards. When you reach that state of silence, you feel you are in a state you no longer need to do anything, you surrender to this moment.

In the state of pure consciousness, you can no longer manipulate, you learn to live in a state of total surrender.

If you want to live beyond the physical life, you have to shift to a place of being formless without effort. The mind needs effort and is always trying to achieve, when you no longer need to try, you lose yourself and let experience happen.

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What will Happen In the State Of Pure Consciousness?

Being in this state is just bliss, when you are out of this state all the unknown mysteries of life and world will be revealed to you.


Because your mind is so pure without any thoughts, this is what one would call wisdom.

When you are able to perceive your mind, you will understand life. You know the process of life, you no longer fight and resist it but you align with it.

We suffer because we resist, the wisdom is to welcome life and understand it.

Three Ways To Live Your Life

First is to live your life paying attention to the world outwardly. You find the outer world attractive and you begin to create the life you want from what you observe. Everything physically attracts you, you want to fulfill your wishes and desires with physical effort. You have no clue what is going on in the inner world.

The second is when you are connecting with the inner world. The world of thoughts, emotion and energy. Although you live outside, but you are actually following your inner world.

You are actually connected to living, you tend to follow your soul, develop your work and you use your skill to create life. Mostly you dive into your soul for satisfaction, rather than what you achieve outside.

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Pure Consciousness


The third is when you fully understand life, after self realization. It does not matter to you if you are living a materialistic life, because you know the truth, and you are above everything. Nothing matters to you because you know the truth in the subtle and physical worlds, you fully understand the world of Consciousness.

You know that people look for two simple things in life, those who are connected to the physical reality look for happiness, and the ones who follow their soul tend to seek meaning to their lives. You understand both and look for the higher truth.


When you are living in the physical reality, even creatives desires won’t solve your problem, you are just looking for something much higher, even whats present within you won’t satisfy you, what you are looking for is pure consciousness. There are no higher truth than this.

This experience is about natural process, which is the evolution of the mind, body and soul.

Your body, mind, and soul evolves through life experiences, with these experiences you will come to conclusion of life higher than the mind, you understand the higher self is within you, with it you experience overflowing bliss.