If we define purple aura meaning in a single line, we could say that it is possibly the most spiritual aura present.

Purple aura is the trait of many spiritual guides and psychics.

These people have a mystical nature that makes them stand out from others.

Detailed Purple Aura Meaning:

When a purple aura surrounds a person, it means that the person is bathed in spirituality.

It is the indicator that the person is making a connection with spiritual realms.

In the spiritual world, when a person is psychic, their third-eye chakra also known as the sixth chakra works as their energy recipient.

People having purple, violet or indigo chakra, mostly want to serve humanity.

They are at the peak level of auric vibrations.

Not only that but whenever any person is in a deep spiritual state or performing any psychic work, one could see a purple colour around them.

One thing to know about purple aura is that it is not the character of psychics only.

If you are an empath and have an emotional connection with the people around you, then you have this colour aura.

These people usually stand out from others and have an increased capacity to enjoy spiritual growth.

Like other colour auras, this aura colour doesn’t shift which shows how influential it is.

What Happens When Purple Goes Muddy?

The purple is not always bright and beautiful in the aura.

When it turns muddy, it is the indicator of imbalances in life.

It shows that the person could be being led astray from having clean energy. They should not try and enter or channel the other realms.

As it is not their place to go, and also they are forcing themselves, their lower body parts turn into grey colour, and this colour mixing makes the purple muddy.

The forcing into the other realms, when they are not ready, comes with many troubles.

The protective shield around them breaks down and leads lower beings towards them.

This gives them many nightmares, as these beings smother their energy fields. With the changes in energy levels, the fields open and close on their own and this causes hallucinations and other related issues and attacks.

These people become sensitive and out of balance. In the extreme cases, they are even unable to differentiate between what is real and what is not.

That’s why it is essential for these people to understand that they should not force themselves into other realms, but let the process open up to them naturally, when the time is right.

The Personality of Purple Aura People:

The people having a purple aura are sensitive, honest and highly caring.

They are kind-hearted people who are always good with others.

They even self-sacrifice for the right people at the right time.

People with this aura must learn to have a balance in their lives.

They are hard to understand, but when understood, they are the best people to be around.

Their instincts are very powerful. They are supportive, and you can trust your lives with them.

Having purple aura is undoubtedly a gift, and one should value this blessing.