In all the auras, the purple aura is the most spiritual one. Purple is the colour linked with the pineal gland, pituitary gland and the nervous system.

It represents the crown chakra which channels spirituality and arouses thought process.

Purple gives psychic power.  There are many unique traits of the purple aura personality that make them stand out among others.

The Purple Aura Person

This aura is highly stable and doesn’t shift easily like other auras.

The three words that could define purple aura personality in a glimpse are: visionary, powerful, and wise.

Here are some most common purple aura personality traits:

Positive Traits:

Creative and Artistic:

People with the purple aura have the artistic vision to see things. They appreciate the world and all it contains.

They are highly creative and do great when a select career in music, art, performance, etc.


As they are gifted with so many powers, they ultimately become confident and charming.

They have a dynamic personality, and among their loved ones and friends, they are highly popular.


Purple aura makes them the leaders because of the beautiful brain they have.

They inherit intelligence, and their leadership is backed by their intuitive abilities that’s why they do best in politics and teaching.


People with purple aura love to seek knowledge of every field. They could extract information from others with ease.

No matter which area they select, they excel in it because they are thirsty to learn more and more.

They are knowledgeable people and love to share what they know. Although they are not very outgoing, their thirst to learn more make them travel a lot.


They not only receive information from others but emotions as well. The people with purple aura could quickly know what others are feeling.

They can detect all kinds of emotions which could make them sad.

Negative Traits:

Here are the negative traits of the purple aura personality, but these traits are absent in those people who have attained spiritual awakening.


All the power and knowledge make them greedy as well.


As they stand out in the crowd, this makes them arrogant many times when they don’t know how to handle the importance.


People who have purple aura are highly intellectual, but it is not necessary that everyone around them has the same love for knowledge.

This makes them irritable around those people, and they become impatient with their learning pace.


The mystery of the purple aura personality highly attracts others towards them. But, if you see more deeply, they mostly struggle to have a long-lasting relationship.

The person who finds them attractive will soon be fed up when they try to lead them as they inherit leadership.

Most commonly, they have very few friends. They are the true lovers and don’t back out in the relationship.

As they are empaths, they could make a wrong decision in selecting their partner.

Their helping nature doesn’t help them in return in choosing the right life partner.