The chakra colour purple belongs to the sixth and seventh primary chakras of the subtle body.

Referred to as the Third Eye and Crown chakras respectively, these energy centres form the top of the chakra system and embody the higher vibrational frequencies.

Purple is an important and spiritual colour because of these associations. To find out what the meaning of the purple chakra colour is, we should explore how these chakras interact with our aura.

Chakras Emitting Purple Aura

Chakra colours only really show when they come out in the aura.

Our aura is a complete expression of our energy balance at any given time. From the colours that are present, we can see where the energy is distributed through the seven chakras.Purple Chakra Meaning

Purples show in the aura when the Third Eye and Crown chakras are particularly active.

This often appears as a purple glow around the upper torso and head.

It can stretch up to six feet around the body in extreme circumstances, but most of the time it is just a thin line of colour.

Regular metaphysical practice and training from a competent teacher can help you to improve your ability to see your aura.

When Do Third Eye & Crown Chakras Glow Purple?

The colour of a chakra shows in the aura when it is active, meaning that it has more energy travelling through it than usual.

The Third Eye chakra is most active when:

  • You are visually stimulated by an image-saturated with either colour or movement. It might be when seeing natural beauty or perhaps even a particularly good fireworks show.
  • You use your intuition. Deciding to go with your gut over your brain activates the Third Eye chakra.
  • You perceive something metaphysically. Most common during meditation as this is when most spiritual people are closest to seeing with their Third Eye.
  • You access wisdom. This can be either imparting wisdom on others or receiving wisdom from them.
  • You are looking at the world through a creative lens. Our Third Eye often inspires our creative natures.

The Crown chakra is most active when:

  • You connect with the Universe in oneness. Understanding your place within the universe can only occur when the Crown chakra is active.
  • You access or appreciate higher consciousness. The Crown chakra is your subtle body’s link to higher planes of consciousness.
  • You unchain yourself from your patterns. Shedding the toxic habits in your life helps you to see the true freedom of the universe.
  • You are blissful and at peace. These feelings often come from activation of the Crown chakra.
  • You are entirely present in the moment. It is harder than we might think to live entirely in the moment, but through meditation, it can be achieved, and this has a drastic effect on the Crown chakra.

When approaching any metaphysical matter purple is the colour most used for its connection with psychics and psychic abilities, as well as its rarity and royal-divine symbolism.

In truth, though, we see purple as spiritual because that is how our soul expresses our most amazing thoughts, ideas and emotions.

When you see the purple chakra colour, you are seeing the universe understanding itself – in one moment – just a little bit more.

Close your eyes, and you may, like me see purple as your constant inner illumination.

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