Have you ever seen a unique colour opaque circle in your digital photographs and thought what it is? These colourful orbs not only astonish you but thousands of people are discussing them.

Some people believe that they are just the dust on your lens and not more than that. But, spiritual people ponder that spirits have devised the easiest way to connect with us and provide us messages.

According to some spiritual authors, orbs are not spirits themselves but their productions. As the technology of taking digital pictures is quite advanced, it takes very less physical energy by the spirits to communicate through this medium. It is the meaningful colours in the photos that hold secret information.

Orbs appear in so many different colours: white, red, orange, blue, green, yellow etc. Every colour has its special meaning and being shown to you for a reason. Here, we specifically look into the purple orb meaning.

Spiritual Meaning Of Purple Color:

The purple colour is the combination of red and blue. It carries the fierce energy of red, and stability and calmness of blue. This beautiful combo of red and blue represents luxury, power, royalty, ambition and nobility.

Along with that, the purple colour is also the indicator of wisdom, creativity, peace, luxury, wealth, dignity, and independence.

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The deeper spiritual meaning of the colour purple denotes magic, mystery, magnificence and pride. In nature, the purple colour is not very common. Naturally, lilac, lavender, orchid and violet flowers have purple colour, and they look very stunning and beautiful.

On mind and body, purple colour has significant effects on mind and body. It calms nerves, enhances spirituality, augments nurturing sensitiveness, activates imagination, triggers creativity, and uplifts spirits.

Other than these qualities, the purple colour is associated with spirituality and higher self. It also represents fulfilment, third eye, passion, and vitality. It allows the person to become one with the universe.

Purple Orb Meaning:

When you see the purple orb, its meaning is also associated with the spiritual meaning of the purple colour. Another name for the purple orbs is orbs of information; as they have the special message hidden for you.

Purple is a very spiritual colour, and its appearance in your photos indicates that you should head towards spirituality now. It means that you will gain prosperity in spirituality.  It is associated with the spiritual development, and its seeker will get what they desire.

Purple orbs also indicate peace and forgiveness. If you have any matter in our life, that requires you to forgive somebody, you should do it and attain peace. It could also mean that you will gain wisdom.

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Purple orbs also represent the development of psychic abilities. If you find a change in yourself and surrounding after seeing a purple orb, it means that your psychic powers are getting the boost and you should pay attention.

Final Verdict:

Purple orb could be or could not be the indicator of all these things that are mentioned. It is not accurately known whether these orbs have some special meaning, but it is true that anything that defies the rules of nature could be the spiritual symbol to decipher.