Karmic relationships are essential for your soul’s journey through this life. Understanding karmic relationships and the purpose they serve can help you not only to deal with the ups and downs of karmic relationships, but also to understand the nature of your journey.

But these karmic relationships are a little complex, leading many people to be confused about what they are.

So we’re going to dive in and give you a full rundown of karmic relationships and the purposes they serve.

Soul Contracts With Karmic Partners

Before we were born into this life, we were in a state of transition from the last.

We do not enter life without purpose – or baggage. Our many reincarnations all serve the higher purpose of achieving enlightenment and ascension.soul contract 2 e1541653878395

We are not alone in this mission. We have a soul family – called a soul group – that promise each other to provide the opportunities for personal growth that we all need in our lives.

That promise is called a soul contract, and soul contracts are almost unbreakable.

Karmic Relationships With Soulmates

As long as we are following our soul path, we will meet our soulmates at some point in our lives.

Contrary to popular belief, we have many soulmates. These are the souls we are closely related to, and when we meet them, we are placed in the perfect environment to allow us to spend time towards self-improvement, personal growth and pursuing higher causes.

Unfortunately, these relationships are often rocky, at best.

These relationships are usually highly charged, highly emotional and entirely turbulent. There will be lots of ups, but there will also be lots of downs.

Being in this proximity, sharing intimate moments with a soul whose vibrations match yours so closely, can be as emotionally exhausting as they are exciting.

And it is in that truth that we can find the purpose of the karmic relationship.

The Purpose Of Karmic Relationships

We cannot walk our soul’s path alone. If we did, we would end life in the same place that we started, having lived without learning.

Our soulmates, with whom we have our karmic relationships, act as catalysts for personal growth. We bring the best and the worst out in each other, and it is only when our flaws are brought to light by another that we can indeed work on them.

The reason that we need our soulmates for these karmic relationships is that without the close soul ties our egos tend to get in the way. We protect ourselves emotionally from most partners – we cannot do the same for our soulmates, we merely must experience, learn and grow.

By way of a final word, some karmic relationships can become more than just tumultuous and stray into a more dangerous territory. If your karmic partner becomes abusive, it is a sign that you have both gotten everything you can from that karmic relationship. Never stand for abuse.

But that’s rare. For most, karmic relationships provide personal growth and self-improvement required for our soul’s journey. And, of course, these relationships lead directly to the most important karmic relationship of them all – the Twin Flame Relationship.

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