A twin flame connection endows you with a life-transformational energy that radically changes your perceptions.

It empowers you to manoeuver the rocky landscapes of life with peace and relentless courage. A twin flame connection, initially, is the subject of misfortunate circumstances.

Twin flames are often estranged from each other due to contrasting spiritual levels.

While one member of the twin flame union might be spiritually mature, the other might still be findings his/her feet.

He/she still might have to undergo fierce cerebral battles, in order to achieve spiritual exaltation.

So, the purpose of the twin flame union is to square off the imbalance of spiritual energy, to create mutual harmony, and consequently, achieve eternal bliss.

Once the two twin flames obliterate the runner-chaser paradigm, they are able to fill their spiritual realms with endless light and love.

And that is what we’re all here for ― to establish the dominance of love over all other sinister powers.

Twin flames come into our lives to teach us valuable life lessons. We often find ourselves stuck in an existential crisis.

Our minds are marred with obscurity, and our life has no direction. We perform day-to-tasks with zero vigour, because our feet are fixated in a materialistic slump that only pulls us further down the more we move in it.

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In difficult times like these, our twin flame appears, unsettles our life and makes us think about our living conditions.

Twin flames catalyse our spiritual illumination by disillusioning us from our superficial lives.

They unveil the reality of the elite-dominated matrix and steer us towards things that feed our soul.

While living in the material world, we become so numb and morally negligent that we condone our souls altogether.

We stop helping others and fail to spread happiness and love, because we lack spiritually. A twin flame union can change all that by creating a storm in our lives.

They can orchestrate a flood that can sweep away the negative energies from our life, and create space for love and light. They’re the masterminds behind spiritual illumination.

Twin flames were sequestered from a single soul entity, and in this world, they are given the opportunity to reunite and make themselves whole again.

Once the twin flame heart and soul is one again, it can tap into a treasure trove of perpetual love, enabling the twin flames to diffuse this love into far-off destinations and billions of people.

They no longer remain humans, but packets of love.

Atoms of light that have reduced vibrations rest in all of us, and a complete twin flame heart can enhance the intensity of atoms, ensuring a seamless flow of love in our spiritual beings.

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The purpose of a twin flame union is to fill the world with love. They can’t possibly do that unless they devise ways to diminish their own differences.

In order to synchronise their minds and souls, they must vibrate at similar energy, and that can only happen if they reach a state of higher consciousness where they are able to control their destinies.