Quiz: Is Your Brain Ruled By Emotions or By Logic?

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There’s a million different ways to describe and classify how people think and behave. One of the most simple categorizations involves only two types of people; those who follow their hearts and those who use their heads.


You can tell a lot about someone by figuring out if they are a head or a heart person, which is to say their brains are ruled by either logic or emotions.

What type do you think you are? The answer to that question may not be as clear cut as you’d assume it to be! This quiz will analyze your responses to nine very revealing questions and tell you whether you are more logical and think with your head, or if you’re emotional and go along with what your heart is telling you.

Give the series of statements that follow some serious consideration and choose the likeliest way you’d decide or respond to each of the given scenarios.

When you get your results it will all come together and make perfect sense, so try it out and see if it matches what you originally expected!

As to what makes someone a head or a heart person, it’s quite simple. Head people base the majority of their decisions on sound, logical, rational information.

They reason and think things through first before acting on a whim and tend to be less affected by stress or emotions. In addition, they believe that their sense of self, or who they feel they are deep down inside, is rooted in their brain rather than their heart.

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It naturally follows that heart people identify their sense of self as being centrally located within their heart! Heart people think more impulsively and make decisions that are based off of their emotions rather than sound logic.

They don’t overthink situations or decisions, instead they simply go with what their heart and gut is telling them, and that’s it.

After reading that, now where do you think you stand in terms of being a head or a heart oriented person? Find out here and now whether you are more brain, or more heart, and enjoy!

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