When you are raising vibrational frequency symptoms, and signs often appear that let you know that you are making progress.

Your energy state is the most important thing for your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

The flow through your subtle body chakras has an effect on every part of you, from your toes to your head and your mind to your soul.

But unless you know these symptoms, it can be difficult to know what to look for.

However, once you know the signs, you will realize that they make absolute, intuitive sense – you will wonder how you missed something so obvious!

Here is a list of the most common, noticeable, and important symptoms that you need to know about, organized by type:

Raising Vibrational Frequency Symptoms: Physical

There is a vast variety of physical symptoms that can occur at this time.

You should look out specifically for “weird” symptoms that have no explanation.

This includes aches and pains, spiritual flu, and tingling sensations in the extremities.

These are problems that doctors cannot help with, though you should definitely go and see a doctor if you are at all concerned.

By doing so, you can rule out a more mundane cause and be surer that it is a sign of rising vibrations.

Headaches are very common, as are sinus issues that often present as Hay Fever.

A sudden appearance of Hay Fever that hasn’t ever come up before is one of the surest signs.

Food problems and eating disorders are often noticed through physical symptoms – and can relate to a spiritual awakening.

You are eating way more or way less than you usually would for no particular reason should be cause for investigation.

Raising Vibrational Frequency Symptoms: Mental

Changes in your energy state cause changes in your mental state – and mostly for the positive.

However, there are some more difficult symptoms you may have to deal with along the way.

One shift in attitude is in how competitive you are. Although you want to be the best that you can be, you no longer see life as a zero-sum game.

Someone else “winning” does not damage you, so instead of competing with them, you would prefer to work together.

Another shift is in how you judge other people.

You begin to understand that everybody is on their own journey, and you are not aware of the intricacies and peculiarities of their unique path.

You are in no place to judge, and you let go of the urge to do so.

You also learn to love yourself a lot more, appreciating your own strengths and not being too hard on yourself for your weaknesses.ob 709e00 chagrin damour solitude celibattante h e1569312091944

There might also be an increase in empathic sensitivity.

The emotions of others weigh more heavily on you, which can be a difficult change to work with.

Your connection with nature and the natural world will strengthen.

A renewed love for plants, animals, and the environments in which they live is a common symptom of rising vibrations.

Long-standing problems will suddenly seem a lot easier to solve, especially those relating to difficult people.

Your own blocks melt away, and solutions appear that seem so obvious now but had never occurred to you before.

If this involves deceit or lies, they will be revealed. Seeing through dishonesty is one of those powers that strengthen considerably as your vibrations rise.

If there is a specific person that has been lying to you, working against or otherwise being a hassle in your life, you will find that their impact on your life will be drastically reduced.

It could be that they exit your life completely, but more likely, this is a result of a shift in attitude.

The little things just don’t bother you anymore because you can see the bigger picture.

A spilled coffee, getting stuck in traffic, an email being mistakenly sent to the spam folder – none of it really matters, and none of it gets you down anymore.

You are gaining control over your ego and can recognize when your ego is rearing its ugly head.

Examination of your own thought patterns becomes easier on an emotional level.

Overall, you feel more mentally resilient.

Raising Vibrational Frequency Symptoms: Spiritual

The spiritual symptoms are perhaps the most impactful, but they are also often the most difficult to spot.

This is because there is a subtlety that isn’t there with physical and mental symptoms – one of the many reasons that meditation is essential is because having focused time is key to finding the nuances.

The most noticeable will likely be the evolution in your powers of intuition.

During the process of raising vibrational frequency, the haze of low vibrations that clouds your mind lifts.

This means there is less “noise” to drown out the guidance from your higher self, delivered through intuition.

Next is a manifestation. Your powers of intent are incredibly crucial for your spiritual journey and should be one of the areas you are most focused on.

You create your own reality through the truths you tell yourself, and you are experiencing a boost of conviction that powers your manifestation.

Your interest in the metaphysical is also growing.When to call in sick 1 e1569311971862

Psychic power, intuition, and spiritual connection has become intriguing to you, prompting you to expand your abilities in this area.

Your appreciation for life is also on the increase, with the beauty of the world becoming more evident to you the more you look at it.

This is linked with a deep feeling that you are connected to something higher – a deeper mechanism of purpose within the universe that you are a part of.

Death becomes less scary too, as you realize the cyclical nature of life and reincarnation.

It becomes obvious to you that your soul is eternal and that death is not the end but an opportunity to live again.

Are you experiencing these rising vibration symptoms?

If you are, be sure to put extra effort into meditation and reflection during this time of transition – it will help to ease the negative symptoms and build upon the new gifts you have uncovered within yourself.

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