In this article, we discuss raising vibrational frequency to help our planet. Realize this, we all operate at a particular vibrational frequency, you can feel when your vibration is low or high. You might work at a lower vibration when your health is deteriorating, and you feel life is beautiful and go with the flow when your vibration is high.

We as spiritual beings need to be at a higher vibration to help our planet. Because it’s essential for your life, and it’s helpful to know that energy attracts energy. For example, when your vibration is low it will impact all areas of your life, a high vibration attracts positive people into your life.


So how does one raise their vibration? It may sound quite complicated but know its very simple. Read the steps below and learn how to start attracting more positivity into your life.

Steps To Raising Vibrational Frequency

Always be conscious of what you are thinking about

Whatever you say and think manifests into your reality. So every thought in your head may have an impact on you. If you are thinking negative thoughts, you should change them to something positive. Change is good for you, you need to be in the flow of things and by being receptive to change.

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Thank the negative thought for showing up, and then change it to something better.

Appreciate beauty in everything

Beauty is all around us, yet we walk around and not see it. The reason we don’t see it because we are always rushing around, pause for a moment and appreciate everything.

A Good Diet

Some food increases your vibration and some lower them. Eat organic food like broccoli and blueberry, they raise your vibration, fast food will lower them especially food covered in pesticides and chemicals.


Drink Water

Ensure that you are properly hydrated, best to drink filtered water. Water flushes toxicity every day. Too much toxic in our body lowers the vibration. So drink plenty of water.


Have some time to relax; meditation is the perfect way to wind down. We rush through our days worrying about things which cause anxiety and stress. Meditation helps to reduce stress and worry, even 10 minutes of meditation a day is great.


Be Thankful

A gratitude journal is a great way to shift your vibration. List five things you are grateful to have in your life, write it down every day to remind yourself.


Being kind to people should be your way of life, giving without expecting anything in return is unconditional love, yes shift your thoughts. Kindness and compassion are of the high vibration. Gossiping and speaking poorly of others lowers your vibration.

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Raising Vibrational Frequency Is To Get Moving

Vibration is frequency and energy, and movement creates energy which increases your vibrations. Dance, swim, be active whatever increases your joy, by moving you are operating at another frequency.