The raven spirit animal comes into your life when you are seeking guidance from higher powers.

It symbolises mystery, wisdom, intellect and creativity. It can also symbolise mischief and intimidation as (partly) negative traits.

The raven never fails to get attention, standing out from the crowd by demanding the focus of all around. However, this attention is not always desired.

Guidance From The Raven

The Raven, like all birds, symbolises the messenger between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The raven in particular often symbolises messages of foreboding or warning, its stature suggesting that something dangerous is coming.Raven Spirit Animal 1

For this reason, raven symbolism often comes to us as we are entering a difficult time in our lives.

Its appearance is usually called for, as you find yourself stuck on your journey. While stagnating and searching for your path forward, the raven warns of the need to find your true path and stick to it.

Raven Intellect & Creative Problem Solving

Ravens are crafty creatures, one of the few species of wild birds that have been observed to build and use tools.

Symbolically, the raven represents intelligence and creative problem-solving.

The problems that we face along our journeys are varied and unpredictable.

There isn’t a blueprint for regular life, so although there are some skills we can learn to make the journey more successful, we are mostly left to rely on our wits to get by.

The ability to think laterally is strengthened within you when the raven spirit animal rises in your life.

Use this strengthened creative intelligence to face your challenges head-on and push through the sticky situations that may soon be coming your way.

Mysterious Raven & Natural Wisdom

The raven has an aura of mystery about it, and the spirit animal brings that out in you.

Your raven spirit animal lends you a particular mystery. It makes you more introverted – not in a shy way, but in a more contemplative way.

You hide your emotions as much as you can, not wanting to give too much of yourself away.

The wisdom the raven brings will help you in this regard. While it is fine to keep some things to yourself, it takes wisdom to see whether you are doing it for the right reasons.

Protecting yourself by staying within yourself is a good plan – but isolating yourself emotionally is often a result of fear of rejection, so be sure that isn’t what you are doing.

Negative Traits Of The Raven

The raven also stands for mischief and intimidation, both of which you are drawn to as your raven spirit animal gains power.

A bit of mischief is fine, as long as it is bringing joy into life rather than misery.

You can take misconduct too far and harm people with it, or you can be more conscious about it and make everybody laugh.

In terms of intimidation, your aura and presence can be intimidating for other people.

The raven symbolises the fact that you can use this for good, but you can also use it for evil. Examine how you use your presence, and whether you could be doing more good with it.