You may find many soulmates in your lifetime. Every soulmate relationship is not meant to last forever. Soulmates come together to achieve a goal, and when this is done, they leave for the better cause. Soul connection between the two is quite strong and there is an intense attraction, but still, soulmate separation is very common. Here are some reasons why soulmates separate:

Soulmate Separation

  • Inappropriate Timings:

Soulmates have a connection with another soul, but their timings could be wrong. It is possible that when you meet your soulmate, you are already in a relationship or have a spouse. But the attraction you feel towards your soulmate is so intense that you feel it hard to remain with your spouse or partner.

At that time, soulmate separation becomes necessary so that one can carry on with the current relationship.

  • Unable to Understand the Intense Chemistry:

When two soulmates meet, their connection is too overwhelming, and many people fail to realize that. They haven’t experienced the same chemistry before, and that is baffling for them. They don’t want to lose their self to you at that time.

  • Some Lessons are Learned Apart:

A soulmate relationship is there so that you can achieve personal growth and learn valuable life lessons. These lessons could not be learnt when the souls are interlinked together. Only, their separation could help them to learn.

  • Not Everyone Believes in Soulmate Relationships:

Not everyone in the world has faith in finding the soulmate and living that relationship. When they find their soulmate and their soul connects to the person without any efforts, it becomes quite difficult for them. They never searched for the soul mate and didn’t want to have one in their lives.

They always wanted to be in the relation in which there is little or no risk of losing their guarded emotions.

  • Over analysing of Problems:

When two people come closer, there are always some highs and lows. Being a soulmate doesn’t mean that they won’t fight like normal couples. There are arguments and fights, but sometimes, one person over analyses these problems which may lead to soulmate separation.

It happens mainly because the connection of the soul is present along with intense attraction, but the soulmate is unable to understand why they are fighting if they have that much strong bond.

  • The expectation of Being Perfect Only:

Soulmate relationships may seem so dreamy. After the first two dates, one soulmate may start to plan the wedding and all. Then suddenly, all the realities of the soulmate relationship start to appear. Along with love, there are fights and arguments, and you never expected that. For you or your soulmate, this relation should be free from all these; it should be perfect. However, when one gets less than that, soulmate separation becomes the fate.

  • End of the Karmic Journey:

A soulmate comes into your life for a reason. This relationship silently takes you on the path of spirituality. You learn and grow together, but not every soulmate relationship lasts forever. When the karmic journey of the soulmate is completed, they separate. Many times, the soulmate separation also brings so many life lessons.

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