Soulmate connections stretch over many lifetimes. With every reincarnation, we renew our bond with our soulmates and engage with them according to our soulmate contract.

We recognise our soulmates through their unique spiritual energy.

But how exactly do we recognise that energy – and therefore our soulmate?

Feeling Soulmate Spiritual Energy

What do we mean by feeling spiritual energy?

In actual terms, what we mean is the sensation of our aura interacting with our soulmate’s aura. The way the auras interact produce unique vibrations that our soul interprets.

But we don’t bother ourselves thinking of it like that. The sensation is very familiar to all of us. It makes the tiny hairs on your neck prickle.

When we are with somebody, the way they feel to be around – the unexplained, irrational, purely subconscious feelings we have with them – these feelings are caused directly by their spiritual energy being absorbed by ours.

What Does Soulmate Energy Feel Like?

Soulmate energy is incredibly easy to recognise. In fact, if you are unsure if you are identifying soulmate energy, then you probably are not with your soulmate.

Feeling a soulmate’s energy is an intense spiritual and emotional experience.

It feels immediately familiar, like returning to a childhood haunt. You won’t be able to place any of the details, but you will feel that you have this person figured out and have known them for a long time.

You will also feel peaceful as though you have found the place where you belong.

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This is as a result of resonant harmony between your spiritual energies and the spiritual energies of your soulmate, something that is only possible between members of the same soul group.

Soulmate Energy: Recognising Physical Symptoms

There are also a number of physical signs or symptoms that you might notice when in the presence of a soulmate:

  • Buzzing or tingling, especially in the crown and heart chakras.
  • Heart racing and shortness of breath.
  • Warm sensations spreading through the body.
  • Hair standing on end.
  • Flushness or blushing.

All of these physical symptoms are due to the spike in spiritual energy that we experience when our aura interacts with that of a soulmate.

This extra energy usually flows most readily through the crown and heart chakras, where the strongest spiritual connections link from.

Soulmate Energy Causes Changes In You

Finally, some of the effects of experiencing soulmate energy might have on you as a person.

The spike of energy flow through the crown chakra may open up opportunities for spiritual growth. People often feel more connected to nature and the Universe after having met a soulmate.

The same is true of the heart chakra. This can help us to experience the world more lovingly and kindly as the active soulmate connection stimulates the heart chakra.

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These changes are beneficial. When a soulmate comes into our life, we can take that as a sign that we are about to experience a period of spiritual growth, and the excitement and rise of our energies by our soulmate makes the upcoming challenges much more comfortable – and all the more rewarding.