Recognizing The 10 Essential Empath Traits

The main hallmark of an empath is that they can absorb other peoples emotions like a sponge, this is because of their higher sensitiveness. They essentially go on through their life feeling other peoples emotions, they become very emotional and have difficult time dealing with these feelings. Here the 10 common empath traits you can recognize.

10 common empath traits

1. Empaths are very sensitive.

Empaths are naturally selfless spiritual beings, they are good listeners and open minded. If you are looking someone with a heart emanating with love and compassion, then emapths have it in abundance. You can bet that they will be there for you, they are world class nurturers. But often they get their feelings hurt. Empaths are always told that they are too sensitive.



2. Empaths are like sponge absorbing other peoples emotion.

Yup this is the killer for empath’s, they are exceptionally attuned to other peoples emotions, whether they are good or bad. They feel everything, even negative emotions like anger, which is exhausting for them. They thrive around positive people.

3. Empaths are introverts.

Most empath are introverts, they avoid crowded places which seems to amplify their empathy. They either like to be alone or prefer small groups.empath traits 1

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4. Empaths tend to be highly intuitive.

Another empath traits is that they explore the world with their intuition. It’s very important for empaths to develop their intuition which allows them to listen to their gut feelings about people. Developing these skills allows empaths to find uplifting relationships and avoid narcissists and energy vampires.



5. Empaths need to have time alone.

They are super responders of emotions and when they are around people it can drain them, so they need to spend some time alone to recharge. Sometimes even a brief escape helps prevent overload of emotions.

6. Empaths need to go slow in relationships.

Close intimate relationships can be difficult for empaths, so they tend to avoid them. This happens because they are scared of being flooded with emotions and lose being themselves. For many empaths the traditional perspective for relationships has to be redefined.empath traits 2

7. Energy vampires target Empaths.

Because empaths are sensitive makes them easy target for many energy vampires, their fearful and angry emotions can drain the empaths energy and their serenity. The more dangerous energy vampires like narcissists do more than just drain an empaths energy. The narcissists lacks empathy can make the empath believe they are not worthy. There are other types energy vampires like, chronic talker, the victim and the drama queen.

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8. Empaths need to be in nature.

Everyday day life can become overwhelming for empaths, so they need time in nature to be rejuvenated. Being in nature allows them to take sanctuary in the existence of green wilderness or the ocean.



9. Empaths have attuned senses.

The empaths senses can get worn by excessive smells, noise and talking.

10. Empaths give so much

Empaths are extraordinary hearted people, they give so much and try to help others with their pain. They often try to help homeless people, or someone who is feeling hurt. It’s natural that we want to help people, but empaths never stop here instead they take every emotion on and all of a sudden they are the one who is upset and drained.

Concluding the empath traits.

Being an empath I use variety of techniques to shield my sensitivities, sometimes I set boundaries, calm myself with meditation. I love being in nature, so being an empath is the best gift, it’s teaching me to look after myself. Do you agree with the empath traits listed here?



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