You meet many people in your lives, but some are special because your mind feels the direct connection with them. Even though you are meeting them for the first time, but you feel that you already know them for a long time.

Although there is an increased feeling of recognition, you are unable to remember where you have met them before. If you have this feeling for a person, that means you have recognised someone from a past life. There are 7 signs that show that you have met a person from a past life:

You Feel Comfortable:

You feel highly comfortable. There’s an increased feeling that you are not being judged. You can look into their eyes, and it feels like home. It feels that they have touched your soul. When you initiate a talk with a person from your past life, you could talk for hours without knowing the time. Even the silent time with these people is super comfortable.

Every Meeting is Overwhelming:

A person from your past life could spark different emotions in you. You feel that they have a life-changing power. No matter where and how you meet that person, you feel overwhelmed. This feeling doesn’t just restrict itself to the first meeting, but you feel it whenever you meet them.

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There are Unexplainable Memories:

It feels like you have spent ages with them. You get flashes of memories in your mind, but you haven’t spent those times with them in your current life. You somehow have lots of memories, and you don’t know where they have come from.

There’s a Strong Connection Even When Away

Once you meet someone from your past life, you feel like there’s a strong connection between the two of you, even when you are away. When together, you can easily catch what’s going on their minds. You don’t need words to understand their feelings. It feels like there’s a string that connects you both. There are many synchronicities as well. There are so many signs to look around and see.

You Both Know Each Other

Even though you both are new to each other, but it feels like you both know each other well. Somehow, you both are well aware of each other’s traits and characteristics. You know how they feel and what they feel and they have the same sensation for you as well.

Time Flies by Always

You couldn’t track the time when you are with them. Also, you two have lots to talk about. Spending hours feel like few minutes. You don’t feel what is real and what is not when you are around. The world around you seems strange with them.

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You Remain Yourself

With that person around, you don’t need to wear any veil on your face. You can be yourself without any pretending. There’s a strong sense of being understood. When someone from your past life becomes a part of your current life, you feel powerful and great. Their presence makes you feel different but complete.